Bad Bunny concert in Lima without scams: Indecopi’s recommendations to fans

Bad Bunny will have two concert dates in Lima, which were sold out immediately.

Measures in favor of the attendees. This Sunday, November 13 and Monday, November 14, the Bad Bunny concerts in Lima as part of “World’s Hottest Tour”which has taken the Puerto Rican artist to different countries around the world and which will culminate in the month of December.

With the scam cases that have been registered in the last events, being the most remembered that of daddy yankeethe authorities have spoken out to guarantee the security of the spaces and that their rights as consumers are not affected in the ‘bad rabbit’ shows.

Indecopithrough its Supervision Directorate, has carried out preventive monitoring actions so that the facilities where the events will take place comply with municipal provisions, so that attendees receive an adequate and safe service.

In coordination with the Municipality of Lima, the inspectors went to the National Stadium, where the event of the interpreter of “Titi asked me” to safeguard the rights of all attendees who will enter on both scheduled dates.


The National Institute for the Defense of Competition and the Protection of Intellectual Property (Indecopi) shared some recommendations for all bad bunny fans who will attend, as well as those who do not yet have their tickets.

1. Citizens are recommended to purchase their tickets through the official channels of the company organizing the event and to avoid resellers so as not to run the risk of falling into scams.

2. When you receive your virtual or physical tickets, it is important to implement the security measures indicated by the organizer and by the company that sells them, such as: nominate the tickets if the service is available, avoid taking photos of them and spreading them on social networks .

Remember, those who access this data may be malicious people who seek to duplicate it through the barcode or QR code and commit fraud.

bad bunny
bad bunny

3. It is important to keep proof of payment, advertising and any other document where the conditions of the show have been reported. These will serve as evidence in the event of a breach.

4. During the concert, comply with the measures communicated by the organizer of the concert, the Municipality and/or INDECI. Identify emergency exits and take the necessary preventive measures to avoid exposing your health and integrity.

5. The organizer must respect the maximum capacity of the venue, the areas established according to the payment made by the attendee (preferential, VIP, among others), as well as the announced schedule for the event.

The provider is responsible for unjustified or unforeseeable risks to your health, life, safety or property during the provision of services.

bad bunny
bad bunny

In the event of any inconvenience, contact the company organizing the event through its service channels and, if necessary, use the Complaints Book to present any complaint or claim.

If necessary, and if you consider that the company has violated your rights as a consumer, you can contact Indecopi through:

– Telephone: 224-7777 from Lima, or 0800-4-4040 free line for regions

– Email:

– If you witness an irregular event, you can report it through the Web Form “Citizen Surveillance”

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Bad Bunny concert in Lima without scams: Indecopi’s recommendations to fans