Bad Bunny concert in Lima: All the details you need to know about the show

Bad Bunny in Lima. This Sunday the 13th and Monday the 14th of December are the ‘Bad Rabbit’ concerts at the National Stadium as part of their ‘World’s Hottest Tour’. The followers of the Puerto Rican singer bought their tickets and managed to sell out for both dates, even after announcing the sale of the new lot on Teleticket.

The gates of the enclosure will open from 3:00 p.m.. In the queues, the National Identity Document (DNI) will be reviewed and the tickets will be verified.

According to him concert schedulethe peruvian band tourist will be the opening act with a one and a half hour show starting at 8:30 p.m. Then, the interpreter of ‘Ojitos Lindos’ will go on stage at around 10:00 p.m.; his show, between 30 and 40 songs, will last between two and a half to three hours.

They have suggested arriving more than an hour in advance at the National Stadium to get a good place in the queue.

Fans of the Puerto Rican singer who will attend this recital will have several ways to enter through different doors, depending on the type of ticket:

– North and Vip: Via 28 de Julio avenue and Vía Expresa.

– East: enter through Bausate and Meza avenues.

– La Playa and Oriente: via the Expressway.

– The Beach: Jirón Madre de Dios.

– West and Boxes: Entrance through the jirón Saco Oliveros.

– Platinum and Playa: They will enter through Jirón Manuel Corpacho.

When the concert was over bad bunnythe Urban Transport Authority for Lima and Callao (ATU) made available the special service “La Busesota”, which will work with units of the Metropolitan and the complementary corridors Red, Blue, Purple and Yellow.

Concert attendees must have previously nominated their tickets and show it at the entrance of the National Stadium, either in print or digitally, although it is recommended that it be printed to speed up entry.

It was also requested that the followers of the ‘Bad bunny’ wear a double mask and, as mentioned above, use public transport or taxis to avoid vehicular traffic. The vehicle restriction will be carried out from 6 am on Sunday the 13th until 1:00 am on Tuesday the 15th, in the following shreds and avenues of the Cercado de Lima:

– Intersection of the auxiliary road Av. Paseo de la República (NS), from Avenida 28 de Julio to the jirón Madre de Dios.

– Intersection of José Díaz street, from Paseo de la República avenue to the Madre de Dios shred.

– Intersection of the jirón Saco Oliveros, from José Díaz street to Petit Thouars avenue.

– Intersection of the jirón Manuel Corpancho, from José Díaz street to Petit Thoaurs avenue.

– Intersection of the jirón Madre de Dios from, auxiliary road Paseo de la República avenue to José Díaz street.

Although there will be police protection, it is recommended not to bring valuables, avoid buying from resellers because they can offer false tickets.

Finally, the concert bad bunny It is for people over 14 years old, but children over 7 years old can also enter, with their respective ticket, with an adult

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Bad Bunny concert in Lima: All the details you need to know about the show