Bad Bunny and Rauw Alejandro break the stage with ‘Party’ in a concert in the DR

bad bunny has just landed in Latin America to continue his tour World’s hottest tour. Your first stop was Santo Domingo, where he plans to perform for two nights in a row.

The biggest surprise of the concert was when Bad Bunny invited on stage Raww Alexander for perform together the topic Party, the last collaboration of Puerto Ricans for the album a summer without youof Benedict.

Both the stage and the stadium have become a real party when both artists have started to sing their theme, being one of the best moments of the bad rabbit concert.

Another of the great surprises of the night was the scenery thatthat the Puerto Rican artist used. As in the rest of his concerts on his tour, the singer has used a beach aesthetic, however, Bad Bunny has managed to surprise by singing on top of a palm tree deck with which he has flown over the public.

Other concert guests

Rauw Alejandro was not the only one invited by Bad Bunny to go on stage.

The artist also performed a song with the rapper Angel Dior and the influencer the kisty.

Many fans stayed out of the concert

This Bad Bunny concert has reminded many that it is important to buy tickets at official points of sale because many fans reported that they were left out of the concert because their tickets were fake.

The situation of the fake ticket sales of this concert has been very notorious because the influencer Leidyn Bernardez advertised the sale of some tickets that turned out to be fake.

The influencer said he regretted not having checked the origin of the tickets and was the first to report the network of scams behind it.

Many of those affected demand the return of the money, however it seems complicated that this can happen unless the authorities manage to uncover the scammers, something that they have already assured is quite difficult.

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Bad Bunny and Rauw Alejandro break the stage with ‘Party’ in a concert in the DR