Avril Lavigne is engaged to the musician Mod Sun with the Eiffel Tower as a witness

During the decade of the two thousand became the queen of pop punk and his debut album, let go, is still listed as one of the best-selling albums of that time, but suddenly, in 2014, Avril Lavigne disappeared. After releasing her first album after years of absence in 2019, now the Canadian’s name is resurfacing strongly not only because of her new work Love sux, available since February, but because of her personal life. Lavigne, 37, has just got engaged to fellow musician Mod Sun, she announced on Instagram on Thursday. “I love you forever”, she has written in French, along with the date on which the commitment took place: March 27.

In the photographs published by Lavigne, in which she wears a ring with a diamond in the shape of a heart, you can see the couple with the Eiffel Tower in the background, enjoying a glass of champagne, smiling in the foreground or Sun, 35 years old , kneeling in front of the artist, in a classic proposal pose. “It was the most perfect romantic proposal I could ever ask for. We were in Paris, in a boat on the Seine river. We had a violinist, champagne and roses. It seemed that time had stopped and it was just the two of us at that moment”, the singer has confessed about it, speaking to the magazine People. In this conversation, Lavigne also reveals that the ring in question that hers has given her and her fiancé has been made to measure and has the names of both inscribed and the expression “Hello, icon”, which were the “first words” that Sun addressed to him.

Lavigne, who was previously married twice to Deryck Whibley and later to Chad Kroeger, says that from the first week she and Sun wrote and worked together in the studio for the album love sux he knew they had an “unstoppable connection.” “He made every day better. It was as if she had known him forever. As time went on, things kept getting better and everything seemed incredibly natural”, she stated, showing her desire to start a life together. “I hope to have fun, create, work together, tour together, grow together,” adds the singer. He has also wanted to join the demonstrations of love through Instagram, publishing the images of the request in the same way, and declaring his love for the artist: “The day we met, I knew it was you. Together forever until our days are done. I had a dream in which I proposed to you in Paris. I took out a ring and asked you to wear it. I was down on one knee as I looked into your eyes. You are too beautiful for my words to describe you. I grabbed your hand, took one last breath… and said ‘will you marry me?

From 2014 to 2018 Lavigne was practically removed from public life due, as she later confessed in a letter published on her website, to Lyme disease, caused by the bite of an infected tick, and that forced her to stay at home for two years suffering from severe pain. “One night I thought I was dying, and I had accepted that I was dying. My mother lay down next to me and held me. I felt like I was drowning,” the singer wrote. In 2019 she returned to music again with the release of Head Above Water, although in a more discreet way than in its beginnings. He has also gradually recovered his activity on social networks, where, for example, on Instagram he accumulates almost 11 million followers and mainly shares content related to his professional projects.

Regarding the sentimental plane, Lavigne herself has recognized in People that it was not in his plans to have a relationship again when he met Mod Sun, rather the opposite. “She was coming out of a great relationship and for the first time in my life I thought she should probably be single,” she recounted. “I got together with Mod Sun to write a song. We just clicked. I was wondering, ‘Should you be doing this?’ It was fun and exciting, and I was like, ‘Fuck it. Life is short’. I am pound. I love love,” she concludes.

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Avril Lavigne is engaged to the musician Mod Sun with the Eiffel Tower as a witness