Audience and jury crown Nia Correia and Edu Soto as the kings of the New Year’s Concert of ‘Tu cara me suena’

Nia Correia has added the most special victory of this season of ‘Your face is familiar to me‘in the New Year’s Concert, despite the fact that the points from this gala do not count towards the general classification of the ninth season.

His performance with Edu Soto like Celia Cruz and Vicente Fernández they have captivated both the public and the jury. With their imitation of ‘The King’, as if it were a prediction of what awaited them, they have achieved twelve points from both sides to be crowned as the kings of this special gala.

The winners wanted to send the 3,000 euros of the prize to Butterfly Skin, a very special association for Edu Soto since they work with children who suffer from this skin disease and who do not receive all the help they deserve.

This is how the New Year’s Concert of ‘Your face sounds to me’ has been

The New Years Concert started with the members of the jury on stage, singing separately different festive songs, a authentic Christmas potpourri to fill the set of ‘Your face sounds to me’ with magic.

With many luxury guests, the contestants have lived this special night in good company. The first of them to go on stage was Agoney, who has interpreted ‘Empty’ as Raw Alejandro and next to Luis Fonsi. It is the second time this season that he gets into the skin of the Puerto Rican artist, and his imitation was so majestic that it helped him win that gala.

Lydia Bosch has many reasons to smile after being crowned as the winner of the last gala of ‘Your face sounds to me’, and this time has been accompanied by Anabel Alonso to interpret together ‘I’m happy’, song from the play ‘The call’ that they interpret Bethlehem Cuesta Y Grace Olayo.

On the eve of your birthday, Nia Correia has joined with Edu Soto on the stage of ‘Your face sounds to me’ to imitate Celia Cruz Y Vicente Fernandez with ‘El rey’, a superb performance with a lot of Mexican art.

The gala had a performance prepared for us between Eva Soriano Y David fernandez. The two contestants have joined their voices and their imitation skills to get into the skin of Lady Gaga Y Joseph Gordon-Levitt, respectively, and to delight with a very funny version of ‘Baby, it’s cold outside’. Eva almost ended up on the floor due to a small ‘accident’!

Maria Peláe has once again taken out his flamenco nerve to imitate Rosario Flores, in addition to having her by his side, interpreting ‘I tell you everything and I don’t tell you anything‘. The artist has far surpassed a performance with a lot of punch. What art!

Little has taken Mario vaquerizo to go back to ‘Your face sounds familiar to me’. The singer and comedian, a contestant last season, has joined forces with Loles Leon to make of Las Deblas interpreting ‘You are not a matador sir‘, a performance with which they have literally removed their hats.

Rasel has had Jorge González, the winner of the last season of the talent show, to interpret together ‘Your enemy‘ What Pablo Lopez Y Juanes. The two artists have shone on the stage of ‘Your face sounds to me’, what level they have shown tonight!

Los Morancos They have starred in one of the most emotional performances of the night. The Cadaval brothers have toasted ‘The family’ as Burnet, along with the rest of his colleagues and members of the jury. How beautiful is the family of ‘Your face sounds to me’!

The last guests to take the stage have been Carlos Baute Y Melody, who have sung together ‘The gossip‘ from Chenoa and his own Built. The singer, as a member of the jury, has seen her impersonator in the front row in what has been a real challenge for Melody. Could he have convinced Chenoa with his performance?

The votes of the jury and the public were unanimous and They have awarded Nia and Edu Soto as the winners of this New Year’s Concert. !! Congratulations!!

To close this New Year’s Concert, instead of ending with the winner’s performance, Manel Fuentes has surprised everyone singing the Christmas carol ‘Jingle Bell Rock‘with his electric guitar and all his companions on stage.

Happy New Year everyone from ‘Your face sounds to me’!

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Audience and jury crown Nia Correia and Edu Soto as the kings of the New Year’s Concert of ‘Tu cara me suena’