“Ask for forgiveness!”, the plea that Ricardo Montaner made at his concert in Mexico

Between sips of water and other anecdotes that he shared about his experiences with his wife, black eyes Y a touch of mystery They continued in the repertoire to impregnate that touch of romanticism to the cool, peaceful night, with the moon lighting up lovers.

It was then the perfect pretext to introduce The woman of my life, whose face stood out in the book that was leafing through from the central screens placed on the stage. It was about Marlenethe mother of his youngest children (Mau, Ricky Y Eva Luna) Y with whom he has 33 years of marriage.

i will adore you, summarizing Y God wanted it that waywere the preamble to get the audience on their feet and dance congas. By that time, the new grandfather for the fifth time, after the birth a few weeks ago of his granddaughter Indigo, had already changed his outfit. Now he put on one more in keeping with the great party he was already throwing.

Kiss Me in the mouth, I can do Y If I had to choose They were the following melodies that he chose to continue imbuing every corner of the place with love, every heart, every couple, every lover.

So it was time to He is going to miss me, one of the most emblematic cuts of his career. It seemed that the concert would end, even, Montaner He left the stage for a few minutes, but before the constant applause of the audience, the winner of the Latin Grammy for Musical Excellence 2016 returned to announce that he will soon release his first album under the tango genre, a promise that several years ago he did to his grandfather and that he is about to fulfill it.

As a taste of it, he shared the classic The day you Love Me in its original version. It was that Argentine tango Alfredo Le Pera what Carlos Gardel brought to fame in the 1930s.

“Now comes a song that I wrote to give comfort, to be like the answer to help; to remove some of the smoke that drives us crazy. I wanted to sing a song for those lonely hearts, for the couples who did not understand each other, who did not know each other even though they lived together but not scrambled, and they separated, “she commented.

Amenhe said, he composed it with his children (Mau, Ricky, Evaluna and the singer Camilo) faced with the need to give comfort to those who are not having a good time. She said that her children could not travel to Mexico to interpret it with him, because “they are on their own” and because “someone has to drink milk at home”, she was referring to Indigo. However, the official video of the theme was projected on the screens.

Ricardo Montaner He didn’t want to say goodbye, but he had to finish his date with the Mexicans. Let me cry, the glory of God Y the top of the sky They closed the romantic night with the promise to come back soon and sing again to their faithful and unconditional fans.

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“Ask for forgiveness!”, the plea that Ricardo Montaner made at his concert in Mexico