Artists happy for opening concerts, but ask for calm

“At last the light was reached at the end of the tunnel, but we still have to continue taking care of ourselves,” say the singers, musicians and producers, who receive the news of the reopening of face-to-face concerts on the Mexico City with great joy, but they still reserve for the situation to improve.

Producer Hugo Mejuto, who has presented shows like GranDiosa, celebrates the reopening scheduled for June 15.

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“It is a small opening, but it is a great advance and it is important that it does not stop to continue with this rehabilitation, as I call it, of the industry that was so affected, especially the concerts; I am very happy for the music and for those of us who dedicate ourselves to live concerts.

“(A concert) in the open air I would not do it, I would wait for a closed forum, although I have already been able to do it under a restaurant scheme in the Maraka, with sale of food and drinks, but taking care of both the talent and the public ”, He comments to THE UNIVERSAL.

“This news is very pleasant, that we are going to have this contact with people, but I think we are still in the process of taking care of ourselves”; Alberto Vázquez, singer.

After 14 months after the face-to-face concerts were canceled in Mexico City, the capital government reported that even with a yellow epidemiological traffic light, open-air concerts could be held with a maximum capacity of 25% and in a format of separate boxes with a maximum of eight people in places like Hermanos Rodríguez Racetrack or spaces that meet the conditions. According to José Merino, owner of the Digital Agency for Public Innovation (ADIP), during the virtual press conference yesterday of the capital government.

This announcement causes a lot of joy to the singer Alberto Vazquez, who had only done streaming gigs this year.

$ 319 million Live Nation lost the third semester of 2020 compared to the 2019 period.

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“This news is very pleasant, that we are going to have this contact with people, but I believe that we are still in the process of taking care of ourselves and then little by little we will integrate into what is this new way of living for ourselves and the world, but this is perfect, this is great and how good for those who come behind us pushing, because they have a new opportunity, so this is very important, “he says.

The Hispanic rapper notes that she is a little scared that not everyone who attends the concerts is vaccinated.

Hugo Mejuto, who has presented shows such as GranDiosa, celebrates the reopening scheduled for June 15.

“I am happy, it has been more than a year without working and it has been difficult mentally, emotionally and financially. It is good to return to the stage, but on the other hand it worries me because in the end most of the people in the urban genre are not vaccinated yet and it causes me a bit of conflict, because we are going to continue exposing ourselves ”.

Arturo Ortiz, founder and percussionist of Lto Sonara Santanera, also ask for calm and patience so that everything continues well and without regrowth.


“I believe that a light is already being seen in the tunnel and a hope, but we must be aware that it will not be overnight, right now they are beginning to give this permission with 25% and later it will be more until all the capacity of the enclosures has already been released ”, he points out.

The singer Carlos Cuevas He has already done face-to-face concerts in other states of the Republic and points out that it is great news, but he asks for empathy and for this to work, he points out that, everyone must do their part and understand in this reopening producers, businessmen, musicians, that they are not You will be able to win or collect what was before.

“We have to stand on the side of the producer and the businessman and lower the price, no way, we don’t always earn much or we won’t do it as before, we have to shake hands with production, the joke is to be able to work and generate a little wool to that our family and all those who depend on us can eat ”, he says.

Let’s keep taking care:

General measures to keep in concerts

Capacity. Only 25% will be allowed

Outdoor events. No stadiums

QR. Mandatory use of the system by sections

Face mask. Mandatory use, assistants and staff

Groups Maximum of eight people per box

Healthy distance in concentration groups

Sanitary filter. Staggered entry and exit