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After teasing after a series of concerts on Mexican soil, Arón Piper finally responded.

The actor, model and musician Aaron Piper – who rose to fame for his role as Ander in Elite – caused a stir at the end of last October after his series of concerts in Mexico.

Several videos went viral on social networks where you can see Piper chanting Themes of other artists while dancing and smoking on stage, the live performance of the actor generated mockery and viral memes since Internet users claimed that this was not a musical show in itself.

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After questions in the event of a magazine in Spain regarding these jokes, Aaron Piper mentioned the video was shared “Without context”.

Users on social networks showed their dissatisfaction with comments such as: “Arón Piper in a concert: 2.35 hours smoking and 15 minutes singing” O “600 pesos to see that? One more bottle of Dr. Simi moves and it’s free “.

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Some of the enclosures that Piper visited in Mexico were located in the State of Mexico, Mexico City Hermosillo and Querétaro.

Although attendees rated the show as’of doubtful quality ‘, the interpreter of ‘Snow’ He stated that he does present his original music live.

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Arón Piper responds to viral mockery for concerts in Mexico – Exa FM