Are you a soloist or do you have your own band? Your Talent My Contacts will help you launch yourself to stardom

Learn all about Telehit’s musical reality show that will help you show your talent and get where you always wanted as a soloist or with your band


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Do you have a musical project or are you a soloist but you don’t know how to get to stardom? Telehit has the perfect opportunity for you, as it will allow you to show that you have everything to be the next musical proposal of the moment.

We talk about Your Talent My Contacts, in reality with which you can share your songs and musical compositions to the whole world.

It doesn’t matter if yours (or your band’s) is rock, pop, romantic ballads, rap, reggaeton or trap; you can be the next star. And the best thing, along the way, you will be accompanied by specials in music so that you learn the best of them. And also remember that you can participate with a solo project, duet or with your band.


How can I do the casting for Your Talent My Contacts?

To participate in the reality show, you just have to post a video on your Twitter account with the hashtag #MiTalentoTuCasting and tag the official Telehit account. The clip must have a minimum duration of 30 seconds and a maximum of five minutes, but only original songs of any genre will be taken into account (that is, no covers).

The team of professionals behind Your Talent My Contacts will review each of the videos in detail and, finally, will select those with the most potential, who will become the participants of the show, who will receive criticism from leading experts in the industry of music: producers Emilio Ávila and Juan Carlos Miguel.

On the other hand, in the image design area, Israel Labastida will be in charge of putting together the most striking looks, while Jorge del Rey and Héctor Lara, experts in digital marketing and networks, will give the best advice so that participants know how to move. in the world of advertising. The broadcast will be in charge of the presenter Rulo Sker.

All these criticisms, advice and comments must be taken into account by the participants, in order to see the results of these consultancies in an official presentation of their music on the Telehit channel and at the end of each chapter, we will witness their transformation .