Apocalyptica trusts young people to keep rock alive

Guadalajara (Mexico), Oct 9 (EFE).- The Finnish group Apocalyptica said this Sunday in Mexico that it trusts that rock music will stay alive compared to more commercial genres such as reggaeton or pop thanks to the new generations of musicians. .

“Many rock bands have emerged in Mexico and other countries, very young musicians who maintain the spirit of rock playing at festivals and creating, rock has that substance that makes it not disappear and attracts new generations, although other genres seem more popular. said Eicca Toppinen, the band’s cellist and drummer.

At a conference in the Mexican city of Guadalajara to present a beer that bears the band’s name, the musician compared rock to a cat, “which falls many times but never dies because it has nine lives.”

The band pointed out that after the break due to the health crisis due to covid-19 they are in a highly creative moment and feel “better than ever” playing together, so they are generating projects in collaboration with other musicians to generate a new record production .

“After the miserable years of covid we have never enjoyed playing as much as this year, it is amazing that we can continue to do so and we try to create the most positive energy for ourselves and for the public, the band is healthier than ever”, said the cellist Perttu Kivilaakso.

He announced that they are preparing a tour of Mexico, a country with which they feel identified and in which they enjoy its culture, its food and the warmth of its inhabitants.

“We are planning a tour to play in Mexico next year to cover more places, we definitely love this country and we want to return to its public as much as we can,” said the musician after his presentation at the Coordenada Festival over the weekend.

Apocalyptica joined its name to a brand of craft beer originating in Guadalajara and in which the members were involved from the flavor they wanted to express as in the image that shows the cello that characterizes their music.

The beer will be for sale to its fans in Mexico in a first stage and later it will be available for export to other countries.

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Apocalyptica trusts young people to keep rock alive