Anuel’s fans asked him not to sing the song with Yailin on his tour

Anuel AA

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Some days ago Anuel announced his tour called “Legends never die” through a video posted on his Instagram account.

“I hadn’t announced the tour because I was finishing “THE LEGENDS NEVER DIE 2” Friday, April 8, the ticket office opens!!!!!!! 10 am I SWEAR THAT THIS TOUR IS GOING TO BE GOOD HP, IT’S GOING TO BE ON ANOTHER LEVEL… It’s not going to be just music, IT’S MORE THAN MUSIC!!!!!!! THEY ARE NOT GOING TO UNDERSTAND UNTIL WE ARE THERE !!!!!! ”, wrote the Puerto Rican singer to accompany the audiovisual of the announcement in which the dates and cities that he will visit are seen at the end.

This announcement, as always, aroused the comments of hundreds of his followers on that popular social network. Among the messages that left the artist the most, those about Yailin, his girlfriend, stand out.

Anuel’s fans have asked him not to sing on his concert tour “If you are looking for me”, the song that he recently premiered with his girlfriend and that has received hundreds of criticisms on social networks.

These are some of the comments left for Anuel, Karol G’s ex-boyfriend: “As long as you don’t sing * If you’re looking for me * it’s all good”, “I want to see what will happen when I go up to yailin to sing the song”, “I’m going to the concert on the condition that you don’t sing if you look for me”, “If you sing the song with yailin you ruin the tour, that’s all I’m telling you”, “Just don’t bring @yailinlamasviralreai and everything will be fine brodel” You can read it in the comments of the publication.

Yailin and Anuel’s song has been harshly criticized by people on social networks. In a publication about it that El Gordo and La Flaca made on Instagram, the opinions on the subject were shown:

“I better not say anything” “Yailin is a shame as a woman, she is not valued”, “That can’t be called a song”“a nonsense”, “Just because you have 15 surgeries does not mean that you are a singer. Yailin doesn’t sing.” “YouTube should block these types of vulgar songs” and “How sad this society”.

Criticism is not something new for the couple, since their romantic relationship was made public they have been the constant target of many negative comments.

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Anuel’s fans asked him not to sing the song with Yailin on his tour