Anuel asks him to return to his ex Karol G in full concert

One of the most beloved couples in music, Karol G and Anuel AA, they surprised their followers when announced their breakup earlier this year. Now the interpreter of Addict He has commented that he still has high hopes for a reconciliation with his ex.

Karol G y Anuel AA©GettyImages
Karol G y Anuel AA

Anuel closed the second day of the Baja Beach Fest concert on Saturday August 14 in front of tens of thousands of fans in Rosarito, Baja California, Mexico. Ironically, his ex-fiancée was on that same stage the day before only 24 hours apart.

During his presentation, the Puerto Rican rapper sang his best hits, but the most memorable moment came when he begged Karol G for a second chance at love. He even asked the crowd for help to send his message as loud as possible, making sure she understood his pleas.

“Everybody really hard, let’s see if Karol listens to it and comes back with me. Let it be heard on the moon! ”Anuel yelled on stage to fans before transitioning to his song Bubalu with Prince royce and Becky G. The song includes lyrics that say, “But I didn’t know how to value you, Baby, I did you wrong.”

While that song was released in 2018, when Anuel AA and Karol G were still together, the lyrics could still reflect how you feel about their relationship and why it ended. He did not refer to the singer by name, but fans already knew exactly who he was talking about.

Rumors that Karol and Anuel were separated began circulating in March before both confirmed the news in April.

Anuel spoke about the breakup on an Instagram Live on April 20, explaining that he and “Karo” were no longer together. “Time has passed,” he said at the time, adding that they had already been separated for 5 months.

According to the singer, the breakup was out of his control and there is no grudge, asking that people stop inventing controversies. Despite reports that there was a “third party” involved, he assured fans that there was no infidelity and that the split was simply “something that happens in life” with couples.