Antena 3 kicks off 2022 with the special ‘Your face sounds to me: New Year’s concert’

Antena 3 begins in 2022 with ‘Your face sounds familiar to me: New Year’s concert’ (10:00 pm), a special with unpublished performances by both contestants and famous guests. In addition, Manel Fuentes and the jury will also be encouraged to get on stage.

In the opening number, Carlos Latre he will get into Raphael’s skin, Ruth Lorenzo will be Miley Cyrus, Chenoa will be Emilia Clarke with a very special Christmas carol and Angel Llàcer surprise with his version of Mariah Carey.

Agoney, who will imitate Rauw Alejandro, will have as a partner the popular singer Luis Fonsi. Lydia Bosch will also have a very special collaboration, that of Anabel alonso: the two will replicate a performance of ‘La Llamada’, characterized as the actresses Belén Cuesta and Gracia Olayo.

Nia, with the help of Edu SotoHe has prepared a very special imitation: that of Celia Cruz and Vicente Fernández; like Eva Soriano Y David fernandez, in the shoes of Lady Gaga and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Maria Peláe will do a duet with Rosario, since ‘Tu cara me suena’ receives the popular singer as a guest on this New Year’s Eve. Loles Leon Y Mario vaquerizo It will be Las Deblas.

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The contestants’ performances will be completed with Los Morancos like Pimpernel, while Rasel Y Jorge gonzalez they will offer viewers an imitation of Pablo López y Juanes. The famous guests for this great New Year’s Concert of ‘Your face sounds to me’ will not stop and Carlos Baute will have the help of Melody, imitating Chenoa, to interpret the latest single by the Venezuelan and the singer and judge.

Of course, the presenter Manel Fuentes did not want to miss this gala and, with the help of the evening’s participants, will sing ‘Jingle Bell rock’.

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Antena 3 kicks off 2022 with the special ‘Your face sounds to me: New Year’s concert’