Angie Vázquez finds her own ‘sound’

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Friday, June 30, 2023 | 06:24

CDMX.- Angie Vázquez has already found her own “sound” and returns to music with Uno de Nosotros.

The girl, originally from Mexicali, who in 2002 went viral along with her brothers Gustavo and Abelardo, like Vázquez Sounds, when they sang the cover “Rolling In the Deep”, by Adele, now a young girl, continues her walking individually in music from Monterrey, where he has been living for a couple of years.

With her “sound” that mixes pop, folk and country, Angie decided to continue working hand in hand with her brothers, as Gus collaborated with her as a composer, and “Abe”, as she affectionately calls him, is the producer of this disk.

“I just released the full album, the title of the album corresponds to a song that I wrote with Tommy Torres and that I feel gave the album a good name,” shared Angie, now 22 years old.

It took the young artist two years to finish this album, as she said that since 2020 she began working on the songs “Recuerdo”, “Primer Amor”, “Libertad”, “Si Te Vas” and “Hoy Te Quiero Ver”.

“I would describe this record as pop, organic, folk and country material, with a bit of everything. Those are my influences, very organic, real instruments, acoustic guitar, electronics, that the country touch at the end was mixed from all my influences I’ve heard since I was a kid.

“Of course, I maintain my musical essence that the public discovered when I was with my brothers at Vázquez Sounds, in fact I still work with them, Abe is my producer and Gus has helped me with the lyrics of my songs, he is very good”.

Because both Angie, Gus and Abe decided to embark on solo careers, the Vázquez Sounds concept dissolved years ago, although working individually does not prevent them from continuing to collaborate with each other.

“I feel good working alone, the truth is that it has been a great experience, it’s been a little over a year since I released my first material (the EP Recuerdo). For me it’s been like starting from scratch, I feel like I’m starting a different career, although I’m still a singer and had been for many years, I feel like it’s different,” said the singer.

“I started to compose, to do something of my own, with my influences, all of that is totally something else, the truth is that I have been very happy, learning a lot, I already want to release more songs, I want to continue and evolve as an artist”.

He confessed that his individual walk has taken much more effort than when he was part of Vázquez Sounds.

It has been the great challenge of her life, she added, because she has had to learn to do everything by herself.

“When I started with Vázquez Sounds I was not a person who said: ‘I sing super well, I am a singer’, I did not know, I did not realize, I was barely 10 years old. My family was the one who told me that I sang beautifully, but nothing more. These years have been a path of learning, knowing my voice and what I can do with it. I think I’ve grown a lot vocally and that’s cool,” Angie said.

For now, her album Uno de Nosotros only contains songs in Spanish, but the singer does not rule out recording songs in English in the future, a language she is fluent in.

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Angie Vázquez finds her own ‘sound’