Angelina Jolie and the Weeknd caught together again at a concert

We have to admit that since ‘Bennifer’, we believe that anything is possible in the ‘cuore’ of celebrities and that if the two of them have resumed their relationship 17 years later, why wouldn’t they be Angelina Jolie (46) Y The Weeknd (31) the fashionable couple?

The spark of rumor jumped for a price and some Photos, those that published of both leaving a local, at night, separated by a few seconds apart, which the media around the world immediately classified as romance. However, it took us little time to be disappointed because apparently everything between them was strictly labor. According to the latest information reached our ears, the singer has embarked on a totally different path from the musical and is preparing a series for HBO in which he acts as creator, producer and protagonist. And that was the reason for his business dinner with Angie.

But it turns out that this weekend they have seen them together again, at the same event and, Although they were not photographed together, they are seen in the same place and at the same time.

The chosen ‘sarao’ was none other than a Mustafa’s private concert, to which Angelina attended with her children, 16-year-old Zahara and 15-year-old Shiloh, and the singer was accompanied by some friends.

Indeed, this may be just a coincidence, or that one of the two recommended it to the other at that dinner as an unavoidable plan, but there are many who wonder if this is another proof that there is something more here than a relationship of work and these two could be friends, or even a couple!

In fact, it is not yet known what link Angelina has with The Weeknd project, because we do not know if she will have asked her to participate as an actress, as a producer, as a director … It is what she has, which is valid for everything. But hey what It is not the first time that love ends up arising on the set (herself, in ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith’), so the same thing is still possible that we will see a little theme and we are before the new couple of the year.