Ángela Aguilar raises her voice and defends herself after the circulation of “false images”

The young singer Ángela Aguilar has decided to raise her voice through her social networks after the dissemination of false images and photomontages on the internet in which they indicate that she is the one seen in the graphics. However, the successful singer denies that she is the one who appears in these images.

“Fake images and photomontages of me have been shared. How sad to see so much effort to attack and discredit the work of women, ”said the daughter of the singer Pepe Aguilar in her accounts of instagramTwitter and Facebook.

The images that have been circulating on networks in recent hours have generated reactions among netizens who, for the most part, question whether it really is the interpreter of “There where they see me” who can be seen in the photographs, there are even fans who have come to his defense and have pointed out in the comments of the publications that they are indeed photomontages, while pointing out the errors that are observed in various points of the graphs, making it clear that they are false images, as he assures the artist.

“I usually stay quiet because I prefer to express my heart with what makes it beat, music. But today, I raise my voice and use my platform and echo, not only for me, but for all the women and people who have suffered cyber bullying,” said the singer-songwriter.

Even though the images have triggered an avalanche of comments, Ángela’s fans, who number several million on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, have come out in her defense by expressing their support for this situation that has affected her greatly because it is an advantageous situation. that seeks to discredit her and detract from all the effort she makes on a daily basis to have a clean and successful career, but above all away from scandals and misunderstandings. However, everything indicates that malicious actions continue to arise for the young artist.

“Thank you for so much love and affection always,” said the granddaughter of the remembered legends Antonio Aguilar and Flor Silvestre for the support she continues to receive from her loyal followers.

Shows of support were also extended by his father, singer Pepe Aguilar, and brother Leonardo Aguilar. ‘With you always. We all know the truth, she continues to be that example of a young, strong, successful woman who inspires so many people. You are big. I admire you”, published the young singer, while Pepe published hearts and hands and fists.

“Always remember to raise your voice and that no one ever turn us off. Together we are more conscientious,” added the interpreter of “In reality,” who ended her speech by noting that from now on she will let her team of lawyers take care of it by using the Olympia Law to defend herself against harassment and cyber violence.

A few months ago, the young Mexican regional singer was also involved in an unfortunate situation in which her ex-boyfriend posted photos of the two kissing on networks, which were highly criticized and put the singer who had kept the singer in the eye of the hurricane. secretly the relationship with the young composer Gussy Lau.

However, at that moment Ángela pointed out to the Los Angeles Times in Spanish who took refuge in his parentswho gave him all the necessary support to get up and move forward with his head held high.

More recently, Ángela was also criticized by some people when she published her support for the soccer team of Argentina in the World Cup Qatar 2022 in its final phase. Many came out to say that she was a “traitor”, but the reality is that many of those commentators were unaware that she, in addition to the Mexican blood that runs through her veins, also has Argentine blood, since her grandmother on her mother’s side was born in Argentina.

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Ángela Aguilar raises her voice and defends herself after the circulation of “false images”