Ángel Expósito reveals the language that Rajoy spent “years studying”: “He speaks it better than you think”

The director of The Lantern, Angel Expositorevealed this Monday in the program the language that the former president of the Government, Mariano Rajoy, he was studying “for years” unknown to most of the public. All this as a result of the controversy with languages, both due to Feijóo’s level of English and Calviño’s words on American television.

As the director of the program himself explained, Vice President Calviño has assured in an interview on CNN that the opposition in Spain does not speak languages. “Is that so? And in the parties that you govern, do they all speak them? To develop this idea I have Jon Uriarte who doesn’t care what language he speaks because, overall, for what he says… ”, the journalist commented before giving way to his partner in the usual humor section“ I have seen light “.

Do only left-wing politicians know languages?

Minister Calviño, who speaks about cinema in English, has slipped the statements on CNN “and in one go, without looking at a piece of paper,” says Uriarte. Thus, the communicator recalled another iconic moment of the vice president, on the same television channel: “Much better than the last time, when she took the papers and what happened happened:” I have printed it out to say exactly the same words, the word that was said to me yesterday… Oh! I don’t have it… And my answer… I don’t have it in front of me either”, the misstep of the minister sounded in COPE.

“No one is surprised that in Spain there is no language level, another thing is that only those of one ideology speak few languages,” pointed out one of the communicators, while Ángel Expósito responded clearly to the vice president: “That’s a lie, but Well”.

“Listening to Calviño it seems that in Spain, except for certain people, the rest know languages. Also depending on what you call “knowing languages””, they joke. Thus, Jon Uriarte comments that “what cannot be denied is that our pending subject is languages, and perhaps part of the fault lies in how language classes have been given at school.”

“There is no level of languages, neither to the right nor to the left, what is not lacking is the will to learn.”

Expósito and the language that Rajoy studied

Thus, Jon Uriarte pointed, among the examples of lack of language level, to Mariano Rajoy, former president of the Government. However, the director of La Linterna clarified that there is a language that “he spent years studying and he speaks it better than you think.” You can listen to the moment in the following audio.

“But privately, because if not, he says “no, and that’s it”‘, Uriarte joked about the moment. They also pointed out that “Feijóo doesn’t seem to like languages ​​very much either, on the other hand, Zapatero is not ashamed when it comes to launching into other languages”, while they recalled the moment of the former socialist president trying to speak French. Something that, for Expósito, reminded him of “Joaquín speaking Italian”. “He has the point.”

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Ángel Expósito reveals the language that Rajoy spent “years studying”: “He speaks it better than you think”