Andrea Bocelli delighted with his music at the Ballon d’Or ceremony | VIDEO

The 2022 Ballon d’Or ceremony takes place this Monday at the Châtelet Theater in Paris, under the organization of France Football magazine. In this edition of the gala, the Italian singer Andrea Bocelli was in charge of delighting with his music in the opening show.

The outstanding artist began with his interpretation after the applause of all the attendees, including soccer players, coaches and former players. At the same time, while the melody was playing, images of the athletes decorated as the best in previous years, both in the female and male branches, were shown.

In the same way, Esteban Ocon, Formula 1 driver, arrived with the Ballon d’Or in his Alpine F1 Team car. In parallel, the transmission showed how Didier Drogba, who was chosen to be one of the presenters of the ceremony, greeted the people who arrived at the luxurious venue.

Let us remember that Andrea Bocelli is a self-confessed football fan and Inter Milan fan. “I have always liked this sport, since I was a child, when I was in boarding school and I listened to ‘Tutto il calcium minute by minute’ (‘All football minute by minute’) on a portable radio”revealed a few years ago in an interview for FIFA.

“I became a real fan of Inter when the team was very powerful and won everything. He had a fantastic squad, I remember it perfectly, like every Inter fan: Sarti, Burgnich, Facchetti, Bedin, Guarneri, Picchi, Jair, Mazzola, Domenghini, Suárez, Corso!”highlighted the singer in that talk, showing off his knowledge of Italian football.

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Andrea Bocelli delighted with his music at the Ballon d’Or ceremony | VIDEO