And the heat… kills thousands of fish in the Gulf of Mexico

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The heat wave that invades the world is one of the consequences of the meteorological phenomenon “El Nino”caused the death of thousands of fish in Quintana beach in the Gulf of Texas in the southern United States, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration of the United States.

After the presentation was made high temperaturesseveral images began to show dead fish, which surprised the result of the investigation.

Ecological disaster due to climate crisis

The State of Texas Parks and Wildlife Spill and Fatalities Team mentioned that the phenomenon known as “low dissolved oxygen event” It was what caused the death of thousands of marine species, which they analyzed the water to find out if it was not something else that caused the death.

Bryan Frazier, director of the Brazoria county parks department, told the New York Times that this happened because of poor conditions.

Among the species that died were: sharks, catfish, rays and trout and dAccording to “Ecoosphere” the water they analyzed resulted in an almost zero concentration of oxygen.

“Fish kills like this are common in the summer when temperatures rise. If there is not enough oxygen in the water, the fish cannot ‘breathe’”.

The warm water, the calm seas, the absence of winds and the cloudy skies caused the “Perfect storm” to deplete oxygen on the coast.

If the ocean water exceeds 21 degreesthere is less oxygen, and this is a sign that the “sea waters are rising,” Katie St. Clair, manager of the marine life facilities at Texas A&M University in Galveston, told NPR.

They explain that the school of fish that was in the warm regions They were low on oxygen, which they “fought frantically by moving and further depleting the oxygen present in their habitat, so they end up dying from not being able to breathe.”

The death of the fish, in the Texas beachesis further proof of the climate crisis and that it is already present in various parts of the mainland and the ocean, said Ecoosphere.

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And the heat… kills thousands of fish in the Gulf of Mexico