Ana Mena, the artist of the moment, tells us about her day to day on tour

Close to a million followers, eight million monthly listeners on Spotify, (various) songs of the summer in different languages ​​and on the charts in half of Europe … Ana Mena does not stop working and its success only grows. We have been with her at the Coca Cola Music Experience, which was held outdoors at IFEMA Madrid and with all the guarantees so that hundreds of people could enjoy the music, and the singer from An unexpected kiss He told us how it is built on a day-to-day basis, how the routine of a star like her works.

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She is only 24 years old, but her figures on the main music platform of our country already exceed those of artists known around the world such as Rosalía: it is the Spanish female artist who has been heard the most this year, with 4 million views a week. And its influence is not limited to Spain: it has five platinum records in Italy; your song One step away from the moon, Spanish version of the Italian original that he did with Rocco Hunt and focused on the Latin public, has passed 12 consecutive weeks in the top 20 in France and it also sounds in the rankings of Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg or Switzerland.

Ana can already boast of a long career that still promises a lot of travel but how is it organized?

As Ana has told us, his day starts very early, around six in the morning, to get into the van in which he travels with his team through Spain. There are about twenty people and when they are on the road they lead an almost camping life, all eating together and spending a lot of time together, so they are “like a family”. As soon as they arrive at their destination, they do the sound checks to be able to continue with the preparations for the day, not without first resting from the morning road, to have all the energy when it comes to getting on stage. After a little nap, it’s time to get ready, put on makeup, get dressed, do the vocal warm-up … “Also It gives us time to enjoy sometimes what friendship is, the personal relationship in this team that is wonderful, “the singer explained to us. On days off, they take the opportunity to make plans that anyone would do with their friends rather than with their co-workers:”go to the beach, eat out“…

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But,and after the concerts? We spoke to her after her showing at the Coca Cola Music Experience and, despite having her ears plugged from her time on stage, Ana had all the energy in the world. Flawless makeup, still combed, dressed in the same look with which he had gone out before his audience, consisting of a long-sleeved and sequined t-shirt with pants type jogger…. It just seemed like he had just spent 20 minutes singing and dancing live, showing a lot of talent to do both at the same time, something that not all artists have and that, without a doubt, everyone has to work. And just as all this seems to indicate, lowering the adrenaline after these moments is not easy: “I sleep badly. I need to have a double or triple lime.” “You can’t get into bed all of a sudden. We take advantage, we take a walk, we all have dinner, let all the energy in the body go down, “she shares. But she makes an effort to rest and preserve her voice, since her tours are long and demanding, making it” unthinkable “not to sleep.


All this when she is in Spain, because only a few months ago she was forced to stop yes or yes, when she tested positive for coronavirus she was locked up in Milan, being forced to cancel some of their dates. It was bad, but if it had been for her and the pandemic had not existed, she would have continued. “I had pneumonia,” he told us. “I would have pulled for my eagerness and my vocation to be on stage“.” On a psychological level it had been non-stop since January because we started filming the Netflix series Welcome to Eden from February to June and we didn’t stop (…), so I’m telling you the truth: I slept a lot, everything I didn’t I had slept in all those months, “he added.

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