Ana Gabriel does not want gifts at her concerts and will not take photos with fans

Singer Ana Gabriel It has become a trend due to his most recent statements that he shared on his Instagram profile, because there is very little left for his fans to enjoy his concerts. Therefore, the tour was called ‘For the love of you’. However, this time the dynamic will have to change a bit, and he details why.

The Mexican explained that with all the love in the world she wants to be able to fulfill the tour she has planned, a fact that led her to take a precautionary measure and that is that she will not be able to receive the gifts that her fans bring her to her presentations and thus take care of her Health.

“There are only a few days left, very few days to start the tour. I’m getting ready like all of you. I just wanted to ask you for a big favor because so many of you have written to tell me that you have gifts for me and that you want to give me a hug. I want to tell you that for this occasion do not buy anything because I will not receive anythingbecause by means of protocol and contract I have to take care of myself in order to continue with the tour in Latin America”, he began by explaining in an audiovisual that lasts almost two minutes.

I ask that you please do not spend, because I will not receive anything at all and I am very sorry not to be able to take pictures, but they know that anyway I go with all the love, with all the affection and with all the effort that the tour deserves and because of that love that I have for them and I have to let them know so I hope they understand me and that they feel that anyway I carry all the love for you. Thank you for your understanding and the one you give me”, expressed the interpreter of ‘It’s too late’.

In turn, the expressions for the aforementioned video did not wait, as some expressed their unconditional support, while explaining that they understood her, while others rejected that she had to make those determinations to the countries she attends.

“I give you my love presence”, “It hurts a lot but I understand it”, “For more artists like you”, “We understand you and love you”, “And the photos why not? Your fans who photo with you”, “Your health comes first princess, I love you”, “It is understood, blessings lady”, “We understand you, just sing for us”, “My love you have to take care of yourself, we still want Ana Gabriel for a while ”, “You exist as an artist for the people”, were some of the comments left by the video posted last Monday.

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Ana Gabriel does not want gifts at her concerts and will not take photos with fans