Ana del Castillo suffered a severe injury that forced her to cancel concerts

The young promise of vallenato Ana del Castillo He put all his fans on alert after he suddenly canceled his presentation in El Copey, Cesar municipality, last Tuesday.

Although at first no further explanation was known about his absence on stage, the artist herself was the one who, moments after the pronouncement of the organizers, shared a series of images through her Instagram stories that would justify the cancellation.

From what the photographs implied, in which the message was read “Unfortunately, my people will not be able to perform at El Copey”, the singer had to be admitted to the Fracture Clinic de Valledupar moments before the scheduled concert.

Apparently, a serious affectation in one of his ankles It would have prevented him from meeting his schedule normally.

“I almost lost my foot”, wrote del Castillo in a photograph in which the joint is swollen and bruised.

So far, no further details have been known about the event that triggered the injury.

Some of the artist’s followers pointed to a fall as the cause of the loss, but the victim has not confirmed the version.

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The accident he suffered just two months ago

At that time, part of his arm was burned.

Unfortunately, the end of the year for Ana del Castillo has been somewhat gruesome.

In October, during one of his presentations, a show with pyrotechnics It ended up directly affecting her and she had to be removed from the stage.

Over time, the singer confirmed that, luckily, the incident was not serious.

“The gunpowder did not happen to adults, but I boasted so much that my armpit, and it burned me was my armpit”he said at the time.

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A promising career

Ana María Cecilia del Castillo allowed her artistic vein to flow from a very young age.

With only 12 years, he participated in the musical ‘reality’ ‘Factor XS’.

Then, entering his youth, he opened his YouTube channel with ‘covers’ of hits by artists such as Jorge Celedon and the deceased Martin Elijah.

In 2019 he confirmed his national irruption with the launch of ‘Ya es mine’, his most popular composition.

He is currently promoting ‘When I see you’, a song whose video has been seen by more than a million people in the last three months.

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Ana del Castillo suffered a severe injury that forced her to cancel concerts