Amazon Prime Day 2023 LIVE: to find out the first of the best offers

Follow LIVE the best Amazon Prime Day 2023 deals with Yahoo Shopping. (Photo: Rafael Henrique/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Amazon Prime Day is here! It is one of the most important discount events of the year to find the best bargains or get those products that you want so much at a much better price.

In Yahoo Shopping we want you not to miss any of the best offers that are available in Amazon.comfor that reason we track LIVE of all the promotions that are activated during these two extraordinary days.

If you want to get the most out of Amazon Prime Day 2023you are in the right place… Welcome to our live blog!

Prime member… and a trick not to pay

Don’t forget that prime day is only available to members of Amazon Prime, so if you are not part of the program, you will not be able to take advantage of these great savings and offers. However, there is a very easy way to access this annual trade event without spending the $139 a year for membershipnot even the $14.99 a month.

Just sign up for try Amazon Prime for free. there is a long 30 day trial period to attract potential members to take advantage of its exclusive benefits. Just remember to cancel your membership before the 30 days are up so you don’t get charged for a subscription.

here you have to look

If you do not want to be aware of our LIVE coverage and prefer to search on your own, here are several key sections where you will find the best opportunities and where you will see what others are buying:

Amazon Prime Day 2023 LIVE: real-time offers

Tricks to find the best Amazon Prime Day deals

Search in the right places

The first is to familiarize yourself with the popular pages of the site because they will probably include the best offers:

Offers of the moment: these offers last for 24 hours.

Offers to come: in this section you will find the offers that will be activated in the next few hours, so if you like something, you want it yes or yes, you will be able to know at what moment it will start to be discounted so that you do not run out of it.

savings and discounts: Continuous offers throughout the event on selected brands and products.

amazon coupons: There are thousands of coupons that you can activate to achieve even lower prices. Many times there are coupons available on products that are already on sale. Isn’t it amazing?

Wish list

We also recommend creating a “Wish List” on Amazon. This way you can identify your favorite items before Prime Day and when sales start you can add them to your cart without stress.

Plus, when the sale starts, you’ll be notified at the amazon app.

Everything easier from the application

If you have not already done so, it is essential that you download the appsince it will allow you to find the offers that interest you and will send you a notification when they are activated.

Alexa Help

You can also ask Amazon’s virtual assistant, Alexa, to find you early access deals on Amazon devices 48 hours before Prime Day.

Selection of the most interesting offers on Yahoo!

In addition, you can add favorites to Yahoo! Life and Style Shopping for Amazon Prime Day and check back often to discover the best deals, all in one place.

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Amazon Prime Day 2023 LIVE: to find out the first of the best offers