Amazon Music Celebrates Latin Music Artists

Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated with lots of Latin music on Amazon Music. The streaming music service dedicates special programming, Amazon Originals, playlists, podcasts and content from artists such as Bad Bunny and Daddy Yankee to its Game Changers campaign.

The Game Changers are artists, producers, composers and people involved in the music industry who have generated a great impact worldwide, leaving a mark on history and on their own language.

“For us, every month is the month of Hispanic Heritage,” said Rocío Guerrero, global director of Latin music at Amazon Music in a recent video call interview from Madrid about the campaign. “But we wanted to use this moment to really pay tribute to the ‘Game Changers’ who have changed the world and society without having to sing in another language, without having to change who they are.”

Guerrero, who for years has worked in different companies and organizations related to Latin music, considers that the impact that representatives such as Bad Bunny are having, who recently won the MTV award for artist of the year and is one of the most listened to musicians at the world today, it is not something that emerged overnight, but it is here to stay.

“I’ve seen a lot of these artists grow up,” he said. “And it’s not going to go anywhere, impossible… it’s going to be the biggest music category in the world, it will come at some point, I hope.”

But not everything is urban music, the campaign recognizes artists from previous decades such as Jenni Rivera and Celia Cruz.

“It is possible that perhaps a Juan Gabriel did not reach the world top of the chart, but they opened the door for many who have come from behind who have, so this is the time to celebrate both,” said Guerrero.

The campaign includes Amazon Originals (song covers) exclusive to the platform with Elvis Crespo, Cuco and Edén Muñoz, as well as emerging artists such as ROBI, PtaZeta and Cauty, the last three paying homage to Daddy Yankee. And it will also highlight those behind the artists such as producers, composers, singer-songwriters, such as Andrés Torres and Mauricio Rengifo, Erika Ender and Erika Vidrio, with playlists dedicated to them. There will even be unreleased versions and demos of some songs.

There will also be an exhibition in Miami from September 28 to 29, paying tribute to artists such as Aventura, Shakira, Selena, Karol G, and Tokischa. The campaign has an identifier in the Amazon Music app. It will conclude at the end of October, but they plan to keep a dedicated shelf in the service’s app.

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Amazon Music Celebrates Latin Music Artists