Amaral’s concert in Samil will be free with reservation of invitation – Metropolitano

The promised Amaral concert for which Vigo has been waiting for more than a year will be totally free. This was confirmed this morning by the councilor from Vigo, Abel Caballero, to express that a system for collecting invitations will be applied to be able to comply with the capacity set by the health authority at the time of its celebration. With everything, the City Council has not yet established a date or a method to obtain the free tickets.

The recital, which will take place on September 25, will be held, if nothing changes, in the car park next to the sports courts of Samil beach, that is to say, in the part closest to the mouth of the Lagares. Initially, the concert of Eva Amaral and Juan Aguirre was scheduled for the Castrelos Auditorium on July 25, 2020 within the Vigo program at Festas. However, the Council ended up suspending the recital and postponing it for the following summer due to the requirements demanded by the Covid-19.

However, Vigo is not an unknown scenario for Amaral. Authors of national music anthems such as “Without you I am nothing” or “I need you” were part of the poster for the first edition of the series of concerts Terraceo qwhich hosted the Mar de Vigo Auditorium. Their fans showed the desire they had to attend a live of them selling out the tickets in less than an hour.

After the Castrelos recital was canceled, The Council announced this 2021 that the appointment would finally be on August 12, expecting a significant reduction in covid-19 cases supported by the advancement of vaccines. Nevertheless, the outbreak of the fifth wave of infections ruined the initial forecasts and was eventually postponed to September. Finally, if everything progresses as it should, Vigo will be able to enjoy his music in just three weeks in a unique setting such as the Samil promenade with the Vigo estuary as a backdrop.

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