Amaia displays her charisma in Santander

Amaia, last night, on the Santander Stage. / Heal


The Navarran artist played this Sunday for the first time in our region and showed that she is a scenic animal

Alex Gomez Magaldi

The ninth edition of Operación Triunfo was a critical and popular success: it was one of the great television phenomena that have occurred in Spain in recent years. Several of the most successful national artists of recent times came out of that program, such as Lola Indigo, Aitana and Amaia, who have grown tremendously since then, to the point of leading the charts in our country.

This Sunday, Amaia set foot in Santander for the first time in her life, on a day that was very special for her, since it was exactly five years since the start of the ninth edition of Operación Triunfo, where she made us all fall in love with her spectacular voice, his talent, his naturalness and his charisma.

Since she won the contest, Amaia has gradually defined what she wants to be in the future and has taken the first steps of a musical career that is worth pursuing and that goes far beyond what many people could expect from someone. which has come out of the popular television program. In May, the artist published one of the most interesting national albums of the year, ‘When I don’t know who I am’, a job that has helped her to be more clear about what she wants to do in her career and which she did hand in hand with the musician and producer Cristian Quirante, known as Alizzz, who is also behind ‘El madrileño’ by C. Tangana, the most successful national album of 2021.

Currently, the singer is immersed in the presentation tour of her second album, which this Sunday passed through the Santander Stage. The Navarran did not fill the room, which has a capacity of approximately one thousand people, but it is also true that not many people have been able to fill the venue in recent years and that the event was held on a Sunday in October.

The interpreter showed that she is a scenic animal, that she gives off charisma and that she has a thousand faces on stage: on the one hand, we could see the sweet interpreter who captivated Spain in the Operación Triunfo program, but we could also see a warrior woman, that did not stop moving around the stage to the rhythm of moving songs. In fact, Amaia began the show by playing the first bars of the song ‘Welcome to the show’ on a piano and ended it by moving wildly to the rhythm of ‘The song I don’t want to sing to you’.

Amaia performed a first block of songs with her band —’Welcome to the show’, ‘Say it without speaking’, ‘The impossible life’, ‘El relámpago’ and ‘All these years’—, to later remain alone on stage and perform three songs in an intimate version with the piano: ‘Pessimist’, ‘The song I don’t want to sing to you’, which she would play again at the end of the night accompanied by her musicians, and a surprising version of ‘Fever’ by Bad Gyal, with the one that surprised those attending his concert. Later they would play ‘Yamaguchi’, with the mere presence of her guitarist, ‘New summer’ and her version of ‘Santos que yo te pinte’ by Los Planetas.

This Sunday, eighteen different songs were played in total and there was no shortage of songs like ‘Quiero pero no’, ‘Quedará en nos mente’ and ‘Yo invito’, where the artist brought out all her vocal power: there were times when she wore the microphone almost at waist height and yet you could hear him scream like a charm. His is a spectacular voice.

Amaia closed her ‘show’ driving people crazy with ‘ Así bailaba’ —a song she composed together with Rigoberta Bandini—, playing ‘El Encuentro’ —a song she sings together with Alizzz— and wildly dancing to ‘The song that I don’t want to sing to you.

During her show, Amaia pointed out that, luckily, this Sunday she had had some time to walk around Santander and that she had loved the city. The truth is that this was “the first time” in his life that he set foot in the Cantabrian capital, but he made it clear that it will not be the last. Surely, the next time he sets foot in Cantabria, he will bring together many more people than he did this Sunday. Don’t miss his show!

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Amaia displays her charisma in Santander