Álvaro Soler’s most bittersweet goodbye: “It’s time to say goodbye”

There must be few sensations as complex to manage for a musician as the day he says goodbye to the stage. But not in his withdrawal but in the change between one musical stage and the next. And that’s why it’s happening Alvaro Soler these days.

Through his social networks, the musician has left testimony of the process of collecting instruments and other equipment in his different trunks and has staged the farewell to this musical era marked by the last and most recent release of a compilation album with the unreleased song Candela.

“Well, it would be! How time flies. I still remember the moment before going out to the first concert of this tour with so many nerves and at the same time crazy desire to play. With some fear because I didn’t know how I was going to connect this type of set totally naked! And indeed… whoever doesn’t risk doesn’t win!” Alvaro Soler begins by explaining.

The artist recognizes that mix of bittersweet feelings to shelve a very good 2022 for him but that is over, musically speaking: “Everything we have learned and everything we are now is thanks to the fact that you have trusted music and you’ve decided to spend some time with us 🫶🏼 Now with the piano in its box, it’s time to say goodbye. I love you so much! See you another year! ❤️”.

En tu piel Tour was a series of concerts spread throughout the Spanish geography in which Álvaro Soler wanted to try a new format for the songs that mark his discography: “A new format in which he will strip each song and each moment as never before. done so far. Seeking improvisation hand in hand with music as it arises during the composition process. The unexpected is magic and magic is joy,” read the press release following his announcement.

After reaching the top of the sales charts with songs like La Cintura, Sofía, Yo Contigo Tú Conmigo and El Mismo Sol, the singer recently released Magia, his latest record project to date until he gets down to work with their new songs. Until another year!

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Álvaro Soler’s most bittersweet goodbye: “It’s time to say goodbye”