All the concerts of the weekend in Zaragoza: from punk to hard rock, folk and pop

After the Christmas break, the Zaragoza concert halls are picking up their pulse again. Good proof is the varied and abundant offer of performances for this weekend, especially for Saturday January 14, after an intense Friday with Maldita Nerea at the Oasis, Generador at the Rock & Blues, Marmi at the López or Merino at the Dry Law. From punk to pop, through hard rock and folk, the stylistic spectrum is vast.

One of the most anticipated Saturday events is the visit of the Huesca formation Will Spector and Los Fatus at Lata de Bombillas (9:00 p.m.) to present their third LP, ‘La llama’, a collection of nine songs in which he swims unprejudicedly in the waters of psychedelia, new wave and echoes of the 60s. They will share the evening with La Doloritas.

The Valencian hard rock band Pölvora will appear at Rock & Blues (21.00) with the album ‘Fuego y ceniza’ as their credential. Too they will present, in this case their second LP, the formation of Casetas Spartans. The quartet will appear on the stage of the Delicias Civic Center (7:00 pm, free admission) with the songs that make up ‘The best is yet to come’. Despite the fact that they travel through the highways of pop/rock, they make incursions into the jota.

In the Zeta room (21.00) the Sara Gale Band will play at home, with their own creations rooted in funk and soul. New Yorker Brad Lauretti, under the umbrella of his project This frontier needs heroes, will illuminate the Green Heart (21.30). Influenced by classic songwriters such as JJ Cale, Billy Bragg, Kris Kristofferson and Townes Van Zandt, his timeless songs seamlessly blend love, humor and protest to get through the tough times, songs that flirt between folk/rock, indie/folk and the alt-country.

The forceful guitars of Benito Kamelas from Levante will thunder in the López room (21.00) on a tour titled ‘Resiliencia’, quite a statement of intent for this combo. The Utopia room will serve a double portion starting at 9:00 p.m.: Universe Fall and Faith Pills. And in Lo Intento (20.00), the Siberian Grima will unleash their powerful black metal. The party will continue at Moliner 7 (9:00 pm) with the Valencian rockabilly Casanova. In the Casa del Loco, there will be two concerts in tribute to Audioslave and Muse (21.00).

Humor and music will go hand in hand at the Río Ebro Civic Center (7:00 p.m.) with Los Gandules as a banner of the Zaraguasa festival. The Aragonese duo has prepared a very special ‘show’.

On Sunday the activity plummets. Only highlight Contra el viento in Moliner 7 (13.00) and La Ronda de Boltaña celebrating its 30th anniversary in Abizanda (17.00).

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All the concerts of the weekend in Zaragoza: from punk to hard rock, folk and pop