Alejandro Sanz’s beautiful compliment to his ‘beautiful guajira’. Who else congratulated her?

It’s been 25 years since the success of Broken heartbut the romantic and poetic vein of Alejandro Sanz is as fresh as the first day.

The Spanish singer dedicated a string of compliments to his girlfriend, the Cuban plastic artist Rachel Valdés, who even melts the wish coins that they throw into a fountain.

“Not even a thousand wishes made are comparable to our wish already fulfilled. I love you, my beautiful guajira, happy birthday and now it goes! ”, Sanz wrote to Rachel as congratulations for her 32nd birthday, on November 10.

The singer followed the charge on Instagram, talking about wishes and infinity as if he were the cowboy Rudy from ToyStory.

“Throw the coin into the fountain, I’ll stay here, by your side, immersed in the infinite universe of your smile,” continued Sanz in the dedication that accompanied the video of the couple in front of a fountain.

Rachel, in a Yankees cap, was throwing the coins into the fountain, and Sanz, in a white cap with a Capri sign covering his dyed blonde hairkissed her.

The couple recently traveled through Italy, as indicated by the videos shared by Sanz, remembering the recording of their song My friendalso 25 years ago, in beautiful places on the Amalfi Coast.

Alejandro Sanz defends his Cuban girlfriend and leads her by the hand on the red carpet

Just as moved as other fans of the singer, a good list of celebrities headed by Luis Fonsi, his wife Agueda López, Ricardo Montaner, Laura Pausini and Noel Schajris congratulated Rachel.

On her Instagram profile, Rachel received the affection of her compatriots, such as the actresses Yuliet Cruz Delgado and Rachel Vallori, the designer Yas Gonzalez –wife of the filmmaker Asiel Babastro, who shot the video for Homeland and Life– and also of the Spanish singer Beatriz Lugo, married to Yotuel.

Sanz and Rachel’s love began in Miami

It was in 2019 when the world saw them for the first time aboard a yacht in the waters of Miami. Alejandro Sanz, one of the most beloved artists in the Latin world, had separated from his wife and manager, Raquel Pereraand he was excited again, with a painter he met at a friend’s house in Miami.

Valdés, graduate of the Academy of San Alejandrohad already exhibited an installation in Times Square and also his spectacular blue bucket on the Havana boardwalk.

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Since then the couple is inseparable and the singer does not stop publicly complimenting him. Last year, also congratulating her on her birthday, he called her “my cannon, my inspiration.”

By the way, Rachel was born in Havana, so behind those affectionate words of “my beautiful guajira” there may be a secret code of the couple. Now we wonder, and what will she call him in privacy.

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Alejandro Sanz’s beautiful compliment to his ‘beautiful guajira’. Who else congratulated her?