Alejandra Guzman’s fall caused deep pain, During a concert

One of the most popular music in the world right now, Alejandra Guzman, has been injured during a concert. The incident took place on September 27 when she encountered a heavy fall during a concert.

This caused chaos among the public. She was performing in Washington, USA, for the Hispanic Heritage Foundation. Her reason was a bad dance move that pathetically brought her to the ground hitting her hip hard. She was performing the song ‘Mala Hierba’ and at that moment she slipped. The celebration honored Hispanic Heritage month

The Mexican singer, songwriter and actress also known as La Guzmán or La Reina de Rock has been active since 1998. The legendary singer has sold more than 30 million albums and was also honored with a Grammy Award for her ‘Best Album rock solo (I am), which added to his success with various other individuals and the collaborative honor he received, not to mention millions of likes and views for his further music streaming platforms.

Aside from music, he has appeared on a small number of regional shows, showing off his acting abilities, which are in his genes.

Unfortunately, this incident is not new for Alejandra, as she has suffered serious blows before and has had to undergo serious operations on her hip. She had a titanium prosthesis fitted to her hip. She was immediately taken to the hospital by ambulance from the scene and a few hours later they updated that her back was fine and she had not been fractured, but a small dislocation had occurred.

She was taken to Washington University Hospital. Mrs. Guzman has stated that despite having serious problems in the hip area it would not affect her career and that she would even continue despite her disabilities if she is capable enough to do so. This gesture for her fans and all lovers of the music inspires and reveals how committed and strong she is when it comes to music.

Learn more about the musician

Silvia Pinal is her mother, who is a political figure in Mexico, she gave birth to Alejandra after her third marriage to the famous Rock and Roll singer Enrique Guzmán, who is her father. She has three brothers. One of her sisters, Viridiana Alatriste, died in a traffic accident. She adapted with a rebellious attitude and went out into the world to pursue her goals and ambitions. Many suggest that she was born with a golden spoon, but her presence on stage shows her effort and determination. Alejandra fell in love with Erik Rubin.

They had a daughter, frida sophia, but their relationship did not last long as they separated. Alejandra was also dating and married to a businessman, Farrell Goodman, and married early in her career. Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with depression and she had to deal with a miscarriage. Her history of illnesses and medical procedures was one of the main obstacles in her personal life. Despite this, she stood her ground and acted with all her heart to inspire her fans all over the world.

Although his compatriots have released some information and updates about his health, the public does not know more. Guzmán’s social networks are full of loving messages from his concerned fans as a form of safety and prayers for a speedy recovery.

The love she gives to her fans shows why she is one of the most beloved artists in the music industry. Just because she wanted to entertain the fans she got to show off some cool moves that caused such accidents on stage.

Not only her, there are many artists around the world who have pushed boundaries to show their love and affection to fans and hurt them in the process. Incidents also allow us to be aware that we must prioritize ourselves no matter how much someone loves us.

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Alejandra Guzman’s fall caused deep pain, During a concert