Alejandra Guzmán reveals details of her residence in Las Vegas and her return to Los Angeles

For Alejandra Guzmán, at this moment, the focus is on “Tuya”, a word that describes not only the title of her most recent single, but also the name of a tour that has already started in Mexico and will soon arrive in Mexico. United States, where he will debut with three consecutive concerts (November 16, 18 and 19) at The Venetian Theater of the Venetian Resort, located in the city of Las Vegas, which that same week will host the Latin Grammy.

“[Hice la canción] with some modern producers, some ‘guys’, and he plays a song that he had never played, which is to touch me”, the singer told us through a Zoom connection. “I see it as normal; I do not know why [otros] They see it as if it were from another world. Now, the subject is much more open than when I was young, and when I write I like to be honest and talk about things that everyone does”.

The line of the theme that says “Alone taking away my desire” clearly indicates where the proposal is going, although, as a joke, we told him that we thought he was referring to a woman who would eat tacos at home or something. .

“As an artist, I really like to use my imagination, and the interesting thing is that when you write in Spanish, words can be interpreted in many ways,” she commented, playing along with us. “It is something that does not happen in English, where there is an exact word for everything. That’s the magic of language, and I love that the people who listen to my music liked it.”

independent and ready

“Tuya” is the first song that Guzmán releases in about a year, so it has been generating a lot of enthusiasm among his fans. “I am now producing all my material myself; I deal with radio and do things differently than before, because a lot has changed in the industry,” he explained. “I already did that way [las canciones] ‘Dark side’ and ‘I want more of you’, during the pandemic; is that I worked a lot during that period”.

“I did a National Auditorium without an audience, because I went and sang towards the chairs despite being told that the camera was behind; it was like an instinctual thing,” she recalled. “Now that we’re back to normal, I’m very happy, because it’s back on the roads, traveling, doing concerts, which is how my life has been for the last 34 years. She missed him”.

For her, what will happen at the Venetian is particularly significant. “I am the first Mexican who has a residence [por allá], and then, I have to show it off”, he emphasized. “I was in the same city a few months ago with my ‘friend’ Pau [Rubio, con quien hizo la gira “Perrísimas”]but this is a totally different show, all live, because the others were half and half”.

“It already has rhythm, because I have been presenting it in the largest arenas in Mexico, and we are going to add more production to it from what is in that theater,” he explained. “It’s amazing what you can do with so many toys on a stage.”

meeting of giants

After his presentations in the City of Sin, Guzmán will arrive in California to first offer a show at The Paramount Theater in Oakland -on December 1st- and to later join a massive festival that will take place in Los Angeles, California, on December 3rd. December 2022.

Is about Kiss Me a lotan event of such ambitious dimensions that it is still difficult to think of it taking place, because it has promised to have 56 artists on three stages, including Los Tigres del Norte, Bronco, Ramón Ayala, Caifanes, Café Tacvba, Juanes, Sin Bandera, La Van Gogh’s ear and Paulina Rubio.

“Many people I admire and know will be there, and I will be very happy to greet them,” the singer resumed. “Also, Los Angeles is the birthplace of rock’n’roll; It’s where I like to rock the most, because the people there do live that way and bring the ‘look’. Everything is already discussed, closed and signed; not paid”.

Given so much presentation and hustle and bustle, it was reasonable to ask him how he will face so many commitments on stage, taking into account that, at the end of September, he had to interrupt a concert at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC after falling spectacularly on the platform

“I knew that could happen to me, because I have two titanium prostheses in my hips,” he replied, alluding to the medical procedures he had to face after undergoing disastrous cosmetic surgery. “Really, there was no problem, because it didn’t break; she got away from me, but they put her back in and she’s where she needs to be. Everything’s fine. I’ve been doing my physical therapy and swimming, and I feel great. My engineering is wonderful.”

Be that as it may, our interviewee has not stopped presenting herself; The day we talked to her, she was preparing for a show in Acapulco, and shortly before, she had been in Toluca and Pachuca, doing the same thing. “People fell screaming, and I kept dancing, because I’m a professional dancer,” she said. “The difficult thing for me is to stop. You have to be aware of what you can and cannot do, although the emotion often wins me. The good thing is I’m whole, I’m sober, and I’m ready.”

“I believe that [el incidente de Washington DC] it happened because my heels were too high; but I can also dance with some ‘boots’”, she pointed out. “The roll is to adapt and get ahead. I have been through very strong things, but there is nothing that can stop me, neither in the mind nor in the body”.

Another professional shot of the artist.

(The Queen of Rock Records)

with limits

What she said about sobriety caught our attention, because it would mean that she is managing to stay away from alcoholic beverages and vices that, as she herself has acknowledged, severely affected her at various times in her career.

“In my life I have always had to say ‘up to here’, and I am the one in charge,” she proclaimed. “Now I’m doing other things instead of hanging out with my drunk friends. I have other schedules and other activities, but I’m still diving, I’m still jumping out of planes, I’m still doing things that I like, and I think that’s the wonderful thing, that life gives you what you want”.

With all that said, it is clear that the physical problems that have afflicted Guzmán have not been a brake on his career, nor has the harsh situation he continues to face with his daughter Frida Sofía, who, after a period of calm , has taken up with more intensity than ever the accusations that he had been making against his grandfather, the legendary singer Enrique Guzmán.

The complaints made by the girl – which, as has happened with the previous ones, have been launched before public opinion without any corroborating evidence – have been so shocking that they occupy the first places of search on the internet when you want to obtain information about Alejandra, so it seemed appropriate to ask her about the method she used to put aside the problems that afflict her family once she took the microphone.

But the interpreter of “Bad grass” flatly refused to answer the question and practically ended the interview, which obviously means that she is not willing to talk about these circumstances.

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Alejandra Guzmán reveals details of her residence in Las Vegas and her return to Los Angeles