Alejandra Guzmán promises to return to her roots in Las Vegas residence

This week, Alejandra Guzmán offered a virtual press conference to announce the presentation of three concerts of hers at the Venetian Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada, which will take place on November 16, 18 and 19 and will mark the debut of her “Tuya Tour” of the United States.

“Right now, I feel like I’ve had a renaissance, in terms of going back to rock’n’roll, to those arrangements that have always made me happy and that have led me to return to my roots,” was the first thing the star said . “That’s why it’s called ‘Yours’, and because I’ve always been part of the public. Now I’m producing my own music, and this is the biggest production I’ve ever done.”

On that side, the interpreter of “Eternally beautiful” hinted that there will be no reggaeton experiments like the ones she recently did with Ñengo Flow and Farruko. “The truth is that this is not my thing; mine is rock’n’roll, and that is why I will have up to four guitarists on stage”, she detailed. “But it’s also important to have songs that make my soul feel like it’s breaking, like ‘Sex modesty and tears’ [original de Aleks Syntek que ahora interpreta] or ‘Making love with another’, a song that still makes me experience something very strong when I sing it”.

“I believe that strength and fragility come together, but you have to know how to show them,” he added. “I have been learning new techniques to sing, and when I have to hit a note, I know how to do it, without hurting myself. [como en el pasado]. I am very lucid, very focused, very involved in what I do”.

In the midst of challenges

Due to the difficult times he has gone through in recent times, due not only to bickering with his daughter Frida Sofía, but also to the serious difficulties generated by a failed aesthetic procedure, Guzmán has had to go through different mental processes.

“I have learned to love myself more, to choose my friends better, to believe in God, to accept sessions with a therapist and to return to what I love, to know who I really am,” he said. “It’s always good to recount your whole life, because they say that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

Guzmán acknowledged that he has not been surprised in the United States, because he was recently on tour here with Paulina Rubio; before that he did it with Gloria Trevi; and he has visited the country on his own numerous times.

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(All Parts Move)

“But I’ve never had a residency, and it’s important to be able to show all the crazy things that come to mind in the best place there is to put on a show, which is Las Vegas,” he said. “I’m going to have special guests that are going to be a surprise, but the show is focused on me. And I’m not going to do ‘lip sync’, like others do”.

“Tuya” will not only be the name of the concerts, but it is also the one that distinguishes their next single, which is in the mixing stage and should be released very soon. “I wrote it about six months ago, and it’s the basis of this live concept, where I’ll have 3D videos and things that will help improve the show, because we didn’t have all of this when I started,” said the artist.

“In addition, I am taking singing and dancing classes and trying to be physically fit, to be able to do a show alone and happily,” she added. “It will be a very intense show, very rocky, but also with ballads and romanticism. If you are a person who likes to live and have fun, here we are. I believe that the most beautiful thing I can offer people is my energy, all that volcano of feelings; and sweat, because I like to give it my all, which is an advantage as an artist”.

taking flight

Guzmán is fully aware of what it means to perform in a large Las Vegas auditorium. “I always dreamed of having a stage where I could fly or disappear, and this time I’m going to achieve it,” he enthused. “I know that Elvis [Presley]the ‘Rat Pack’ and all these people that I love were the ones who formed Las Vegas, which makes this a dream come true for me”.

The interpreter of “Queen of hearts” said that it will be much more convenient to appear in an auditorium already equipped with the necessary structures than in other places where she acts, where sometimes the entire stage has to be raised. “There are also lighting conditions that allow you to do other kinds of effects; being in that city is for me like reaching the best level”, she assured. “I know I’m going to do something I haven’t done before, because there’s something to do with it.”

Regarding the pandemic, the singer admitted that what happened affected her activities, but that she did not stop working, because she released several singles in the last two years. “I also took advantage of the time for myself, to be able to move again like before,” she said. “And you can’t imagine the effort that this implies, because yes, they cut several parts of me, so sometimes it hurts; but I know that they are going to stretch again and that I am going to dance again [como antes]”.

Without ruling out the possibility of making a documentary that reflects the historical moment that she will live in the City of Sin, the vocalist alluded to the Netflix series about her life, precisely titled “La Guzmán” and released in 2019. “The story that I I told them and the one they put on was different,” he commented. “They added a lot of drama and novel elements to it. There are times that I would like to write something to show the truth of things.”

“A lot has happened to me since what is told there, and I have also used it for my music, as a catharsis, to heal my soul,” he continued. “I am very lucky, and I always thank life for having my mother [Silvia Pinal]to my father [Enrique Guzmán] and my daughter, even if it’s far [en el caso de Frida]. I have come out ahead despite my surgeries, and although I don’t feel that I am something extraordinary, I know that I have fought.

With experience

Guzman has been no stranger to Las Vegas nightlife. In fact, she commented that she has seen several artists there, such as Jennifer López, Madonna Liza Minelli and Diana Ross. “I didn’t like the JLo thing; only at the beginning, ”she declared, to the surprise of those present. “And Madonna was very good, but she called my attention that she doesn’t sweat. It was too perfect.”

“I like to see artists when they are torn, when you see that what they are really offering is true,” he said. “I come from a family of artists, so I don’t like any artist. I love Prince, who I would have liked to see live; but sadly, he has already died.”

Finally, there was some space to talk about the new “look” of Guzmán, who appeared before the press with dark hair, tousled on top and shaved on the sides. “I like to change, because I was blonde, but I don’t want to be blonde anymore, at least for the moment,” he said. “And there are going to be surprises in the dressing room, because I’ve met a designer I haven’t worked with for 10 years. I have never liked to copy, but to go where no one has gone”.

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Alejandra Guzmán promises to return to her roots in Las Vegas residence