Alcoholika returns after 10 years to give a concert in Santa Cruz | DUTY

Santa Cruz de la Sierra will witness the return of one of the most acclaimed rock bands in Bolivia: Alcoholika.

The group, led by Viko Paredes, will be presented in concert this Saturday, September 11, at the Círculo of Sports Journalists of Santa Cruz.

From 18:00 there will be a kind of mini rock festival at the Los Junos street venue, between Germany and Mutualista avenues (second ring), in front of the journalist’s square (known for several years as La Blacutcita).

A parade of local rock bands will precede the great concert of La Paz. Skalibur, Amoeba, Race, Soul of Steel, The Band and Sirionó They will be in charge of getting on stage previously.

Alcoholika LC was founded in the early 90’s and is made up of Viko Paredes (vocalist and leader of the group), Vito Paredes (bass), Pablo Heredia (drums) and Jaime Kawai (guitar).

His musical style mainly is focused on the industrial metal with mergers of other genres, especially Bolivian folklore, an aspect that has been nuanced with a theme focused on the Andean tradition.

I am Bolivia, Bronze Race, Celia, Sikuri and Jacha Uru are some samples of these characteristics in your proposal.

Band fans they can buy their tickets at Hannibal Tattoo, located on Calle Independencia # 133, diagonal to Manzana Uno. And at night in the same Circle of Sports Journalists of Santa Cruz.

Article: Soure