Alberto Fernández uploaded a video with music by Fito Paéz to greet Fabiola on her birthday


Alberto Fernández used his Instagram account to greet the first lady, Fabiola Yañez, on her 40th birthday, through a tender video set to music with a song by Fito Paéz.

The gesture of love received reproaches, since it was shared minutes before the Ministry of Health of the Nation released the updated data of the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic that They indicated that the country exceeded 100,000 dead. This figure had only been surpassed by 10 other countries in the world. On the sad record, Fernández did not express himself.

The birthday video consists of a sequence of photos of the Presidential couple throughout the year and a half of mandate and in the background the song “There is a song” by Fito Páez is heard.

Greetings from President Alberto Fernandez for Fabiola Ya & # xf1; ez's birthday


The greeting of President Alberto Fernández for the birthday of Fabiola Yañez (IG /)

A few hours before, Yañez had shared photos with the gifts he received at the Quinta de Olivos. The post of gratitude of the First Lady also generated controversy due to the context in which it occurred.

Postcard of the first lady, Fabiola Ya & # xf1; ez, with a woven doll of President Alberto Fern & # xe1; ndez, a photo chosen to celebrate his birthday & # xf1; os on the president's networks


Postcard of the first lady, Fabiola Yañez, with a woven doll of President Alberto Fernández, a photo chosen to celebrate his birthday on the president’s networks (Instagram /)

Another meets more Thank you for so much love and joys that you give me every day! I love you with my heart And thank you my love Alberto Fernández!”Yañez wrote on his Instagram account this afternoon and shared two photos with some of the gifts received.

In one of the images an imposing bouquet stands out It includes 40 white flowers and a series of pink and shiny balloons can be seen in the background.

“I prefer 10% more poor and not 100,000 dead”: the unfortunate phrase that Alberto Fernández pronounced in April 2020

Several users took advantage of the post to download their criticism of the Government, for the pandemic and for the economy: “We passed 100,000 dead. Almost 50% poor, annualized inflation hovers around 50%, closing of SMEs, companies, job losses every day. Fabiola completely removed from reality celebrates her birthday in pure luxury. It is sinister how they make fun of people ”, they indicated.

“Fabiola had a birthday and you can see that she chose to put photos of a previous year where there were not 100,000 deaths and 70% of poor boys in PBA,” wrote another user.