Akron Stadium court, badly damaged after Coldplay concerts

The lawn of the Chivas house was damaged by the recital offered by the British band in Guadalajara

GUADALAJARA — After the British band Coldplay offered a couple of concerts in the Akron Stadium that forced to change the date of the duel between Chivas and Montereythis Thursday part of the stage used in the presentations was dismantled, which caused serious damage to some sectors of the playing field.

ESPN gained access to the images of the basketball court the Akron Stadiumafter until this Thursday the logistics personnel removed the infrastructure used by the group led by Chris Martin during their recitals on Guadalajara soil.

After having almost completely dismantled the stage, it can be seen that some sectors of the playing field look highly affected. One of the bands of the field looks very damaged, as well as the center of the field, where the energy sources for the concert and the alternate platforms on which Coldplay touched.

Although they are still working to remove the structure, the southern part of the field is one of the places that will be most affected, after that area was where the main platform was placed, which remained installed for at least four days, two before the show and another two after, then the weight and the lack of water and sun will cause damage to the grass of the house of the Flock

In the northern sector of the field of play, the kinetic floor and the pedaling area were removed, in which some bicycles were placed to generate energy during the concert, which is why the stadium personnel began with the irrigation of that area, with the purpose of working as soon as possible to have the stadium in good condition on April 13 when Chivas faces the Monterey.

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Akron Stadium court, badly damaged after Coldplay concerts