Aisha Syed: “This is the first time we have a US $ 6 million violin in the DR”

Few artists around the world have had the opportunity to get their hands on Stradivarius violins, valued at millions of dollars, but one of us, Aisha Syed, has, and on several occasions.

On this occasion, the artist will play an instrument valued at 6 million dollars, and it will be the first time that Dominicans will be able to enjoy their sound on Quisqueyan soil.

And they will do so within the framework of the third concert of the Symphonic Season 2021, organized by the Ministry of Culture of the Dominican Republic, which will take place the night of this September 15 at the Eduardo Brito National Theater.

About this event, classified by experts as historical, we spoke with Aisha, who gave details of what the public who love her music will be able to enjoy tonight, in a recital that is “sold out”, something that makes her very happy and that shows that quality music is as latent as ever despite trends.

—A “sold out” concert where people will enjoy a unique recital, where you will play a violin for US $ 6MM, how do you feel about this recital?

For me it is an honor, I am grateful to our Lord Jesus for this “sold out” and to be able to interpret this concerto in D major for violin and orchestra, by Johannes Brahms, with the international guest conductor Jaime Morales, and obviously with this instrument that is invaluable, a Stradivarius that, although it is true that I have been playing these instruments abroad for more than 10 years, it is the first time that we have this Stradivarius here and in Dominican hands.

—How was it possible to bring this instrument to the Dominican Republic?

With the support of the Florian Leonhard instrument house, which is based in London, New York and San Francisco; I have known its founder since I was 14 years old, when I was studying in London, and after this a great support for me arose. I have been able to play various Stradivarius in Europe and the United States, but being able to do it in my country fills me with great satisfaction.

“Does a violin of this value sound different?”

For me yes, I can tell you at once when a musician is using a violin of this type because it has a certain kind of tone and sweetness, but the general public doubt that they notice it.

—Being the central figure of the third concert of the Symphonic Season 2021 is an opportunity that not all artists have, how do you value this distinction?

Really, my other season with the National Symphony Orchestra per se It was at the age of 15, the last concert directed by maestro Carlos Piantini, after that I have done it again but in concerts already out of season. For me it is a great joy to come back and do it with this concert by Johannes Brahms, which is the part that I am going to be performing and I have played in many countries.

“How special will this concert be for you?”

Very special, for several reasons; First, my birthday is this September 15, and second, that I am sold out (sold completely) makes it even more special.

– You had the good fortune to be the artist with whom the concerts at the National Theater were resumed, how do you feel about it?

I am very grateful to Minister Carmen Heredia, who has raised classical art during her tenure in an unmatched way, so that being able to be as a classical artist responsible for reopening the doors of our National Theater after the pandemic was a A great honor, and I was happy to have that privilege to perform the first concert in October of last year.

– What’s coming for you internationally?

Many wonderful things are coming, especially for 2022. I make my debut in different places, I release a new album at the end of next year and I am very happy with what we were able to achieve despite the pandemic.

I also continue to bring my music to rural communities with our foundation, because artists must contribute with our art and more in these times where values ​​are so distorted.

The symphonic season will end on November 10, ending with Dominican soprano Nathalie Peña-Comas.

Article: Soure