Agenda from October 8 to 14: Today is the concert of Susana Baca and Guns N’Roses, find out what other events there are

The events of the week of October 8 to 14.

From concerts to plays, everything you can do this weekend or on your day off. Here we give you many options for you to choose from.


Guns N’ Roses

Guns N’ Rosesone of the most iconic rock bands, made up of Axl Rose, Slash and Duff McKagan; will arrive in our country next Saturday, October 8 to offer a concert at the San Marcos Stadium as part of its ‘South American Tour 2022. You can buy your tickets at Teleticket.

The members of the American group Guns N'Roses Axl Rose (l) and Slash (d), during a performance in Madrid. EFE/Victor Lerena/File
The members of the American group Guns N’Roses Axl Rose (l) and Slash (d), during a performance in Madrid. EFE/Victor Lerena/File

Susana Baca

The renowned national interpreter Susana Bacawinner of the award for the best album of the critical English music magazine SongLines Music Awards 2022 and three times winner of the Latin Grammy Awardswill offer a great show as part of the promotion of his album on October 08 at the Grand National Theater as it has been doing in several European countries.

Susana Baca was nominated for the Latin Grammy 2022.
Susana Baca was nominated for the Latin Grammy 2022.


The Girls of 4th C

It is starred by Gina Yangali, Anahí de Cárdenas, Natalia Salas, Luciana Arispe and Stephany Oruand. Written by César de María and now directed by Diego Gargurevich. It tells the story of five friends who remember the best years of their lives: the school days. Between boliquesos, stickers, carpenter jeans, and a blue blue with this dance that is a bomb, these girls raffle loves, pranks, discussions, laughter, tears and songs that marked a time that we all miss, the end of the nineties.


Thursday to Saturday: 8:30 p.m.

Sundays: 7:00 p.m.

Pirandello Theater (Av. Petit Thouars block 10)

a fucking secret

A tragicomedy in rhyme written and directed by Aldo Miyashiro, about a city that exudes prejudice, where racism and classism are in every look and where nothing is what it seems. The appointment is the New Julieta Theater (Pasaje Porta, Miraflores). The cast is made up of Reynaldo Arenas, Ximena Arrroyo, David Carrillo, Sylvia Majo, Cindy Diaz, Gilberto Nué, Marcos Vicuña, Erick Martínez and Mikael Miyashiro.

The work takes place in the juliet theater Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 8:00 p.m.

Ticket prices:

Super VIP: S/. 45.00

VIP: S/. 30.00

Overall: S/. 25.00

Students and Retirees: S/. 20.00

'A damn secret' and more events this week.
‘A damn secret’ and more events this week.

Execution scenes

The play, by renowned British playwright Howard Barker, turns Venice into the setting for a fearless exploration of the tension between the artist’s vision, censorship, and the manipulation of art by those in power. Norma Martínez, in the role of Galactia, and a great cast bring to life this provocative work of black humor directed by Jorge Villanueva.

The play takes place at the British Theater every Friday, Saturday and Sunday in October, at 8:00 p.m.

Ticket prices:

General:S/ 55.00

Older adult: S/ 40.00

Student: S/ 30.00

Disabled Person: S/ 30.00

Sadness and joy in the life of giraffes

Celebrating his 50 years of artistic life, Alberto Isola directs this story where a woman returns to her childhood to relive the moment of her transition to adulthood and close a cycle.

Giraffe faces a problem: he has to make an exhibition for the school and he needs a subscription to the Discovery Channel that his father, a widower and unemployed actor, cannot pay for. To solve this problem, she will go on a trip, accompanied by her teddy bear Judy Garland, who will take her to the Prime Minister of Portugal and will reveal her true feelings in the face of the sudden death of her mother. .

Alejandra Guerra, Eduardo Camino, Sergio Llusera, Augusto Mazzarelli, Eduardo Pinillos, Claret Quea act. The play takes place at the Cultural Center of the Universidad del Pacífico, on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays at 8:30 p.m. and Sundays at 7:00 p.m., until October 16.

Ticket prices:

General: S/ 50.00

Older adult: S/ 25.00

Student: S/ 25.00

The son

After successful seasons in France and England, El Hijo arrives for the first time in Peru, the work of renowned author Florian Zeller, winner of an Oscar for his film adaptation of his play “El Padre”. act Ismael La Rosa, Brando Gallesi, Marisa Minetti, Fiorella Luna, José Miguel Arbulú and Brian Savitzky.

The busy life of Pedro (Ismael La Rosa) with Sofía (Fiorella Luna), his new partner, turns into chaos when his ex-wife Ana (Marisa Minetti) reappears with their teenage son, Nicolás (Brando Gallesi), who is passing for a complicated stage after the divorce of his parents. He feels listless, skips school, lies, and believes that moving in with his dad and his new family will improve his situation. Will Nicolás find someone who can help him understand the root of his problem? Will he be able to understand her himself?

The work takes place in the Lucia Theater, from Thursday, October 06 to Monday, December 05. Hours: Thursday to Saturday at 8:00 p.m. / Sundays at 7:00 p.m. and popular Monday at 8:00 p.m.

Ticket price:

Overall: S/. 67.00

Retired: S/. 45.00

Popular Mondays: S/. 34.00

The Restoration

This Peruvian film and debut feature by the young director Alonso Llosa It is on billboard in all national cinemas. It is a black comedy that portrays the period of rapid urban growth in Peru through the eyes of an aristocratic family in decline. The film is inspired by the story of a 60-year-old man, recently divorced and jobless, who is forced to return to live with his mother.

It brings together an experienced cast of national actors such as Paul Vega, who has a leading role. It also brings back the first actress Delfina Paredes, in addition to Attilia Boschetti, who plays Rosa, Tito’s mother; and the outstanding participation of Pietro Sibille, Fernando Añaños and Muki Sabogal.

Peruvian film 'The Restoration'. (Facebook)
Peruvian film ‘The Restoration’. (Facebook)


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Agenda from October 8 to 14: Today is the concert of Susana Baca and Guns N’Roses, find out what other events there are