After the fight with his children, Piñón Fijo released a new song: what the lyrics say

Piñón Fijo presented “Risas Brisas”

A month after his estrangement from his daughter Sol came to light and he said that he had not seen his granddaughter Luna for a long timeFabián Gómez, popularly known as Piñón Fijo, takes refuge in music and in his audience, that accompanied him during the last weeks, and has just released a new song.

“Laughs Breezes”, is the name of the song that he presented through his Instagram account: “It is dedicated to the engine that moves us through life, the laughter of our people. Children and adults from all the cardinal points of our country with a common denominator: laughter”.

“Many times it was difficult for me to explain what generates a smile in the other awakens me, I think that with this song and these images I manage to get a little closer to that beautiful feeling. In this video there are images of different shows in our country, look… Maybe, are you out there? And if not, I’ll make up another song for us to meet. Thank you for all the affection and love that you have sent me lately. I leave you a tight and sincere hug, ”she closed.

Piñ+on Fijo with his sons Jeremías and Sol

“I get excited by your smile when I do my antics. In life, entertained, simplicity becomes a breeze and my heart tells me that we didn’t go that far. About life, in my reflection, a doll and your childhood. Laughter, breezes, they want to fly. Laughter, breezes, in freedom”, reads the theme.

The last few weeks have not been easy for the family. It all started when the clown wrote on Instagram “My beautiful crazy lady, we will see each other again and I will enjoy your hugs. I love you and miss you”, along with a photo of her granddaughter Luna and the hashtags #DerechosNietos and #DerechosAbuelos.

Days later, Sol, Luna’s mother and Fabián’s daughter, shared an extensive text on networks in which she gave her version of the events. “Seeing and considering that the days have passed and my father has not come out to defend his children from tremendous gratuitous and unfair accusations, I am forced to express myself through this medium on a matter of a private nature. I have no choice”, he began and referred to the use that his father made of a photo of his daughter: “The bad and harmful use of my daughter in a controversial publication, which was necessarily going to transcend, requires a defense. He could have exposed his face to express his confused regret. But no, she chose the one for my 5 year old. This act represents one more sign of the order of priorities of the one who did it, where, as always, he gave more importance to his interests, over those of his grandchildren and children.

Piñon and her daughter Sol, pregnant with Luna
Piñon and her daughter Sol, pregnant with Luna

At that time he also said that he had not seen his father for eight months: “It is because he is missing from our lives after the last of many abuses (in my 32nd week of pregnancy). And it was the last because I decided to put a limit on chronic humiliation after 35 years. That was my only concrete decision so far, I never forbade him to see his grandchildren. Faced with that decision of limits, I waited for some gesture of humanity to reconfigure her meetings with my daughter under our limits and conditions, but that never existed, it did not appear. My baby was born and did not appear. In July, León was hospitalized with acute bronchitis and did not appear either.

“34 years ago they met a character, I made the person behind it 35 years ago, my dad. You can’t cover the sun with your hands. I can’t let anyone else in my family get hurt. All my decisions for almost 6 years have been thought of care and respect the rights and childhood of my children, nothing is left to chance when the mental health of the people I love the most is at stake”he had assured.

After his extensive text, he made a release through an audio in which he spoke as Fabián Gómez, leaving his character aside. “Were difficult days these last, not only for me but for those I love, love and who pay the consequences for my actions. As many people told me, in all families there are discussions, misunderstandings, searches, reunions, and we are not the exception, in ours those things also happen. Me I must admit that I am emphatic when it comes to defending my positions. When I’m convinced of something, I don’t save energy when it comes to fighting for what I think is fair, and many times objectively it may not always be,” he said.


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After the fight with his children, Piñón Fijo released a new song: what the lyrics say