After a successful concert with Maluma, Madonna left Medellín

After the rumors about the possible presence of the singer Madonna at the Maluma concert in Medellín became a reality and the more than 50,000 attendees could see her on stage, the American singer left Colombia.

Madonna’s arrival in Medellin was a mystery, the singer arrived in the capital of Antioquia on Friday but it was not known in which hotel he stayed and there were few details about his appearance at the paisa concert.

Despite the fact that it was said in some media outlets that the artist was still in Medellín, the truth is that the singer left Colombia two days ago, according to what was reported to SEMANA by Maluma’s advertising office in Colombia. not without first thanking Medellín for its love.

Through her Instagram account, Madonna published some photos of the concert with Maluma. Meanwhile, the artist has shared some images of the concert with his followers and in his stories he has reiterated that he feels very grateful to the concertgoers who put, as he says, “Medallo on the map”.

“Medellín, I love you”: Madonna’s affection for the city of eternal spring grows more and more

Madonna has had an intimate relationship with that city for several years, given that it was previously done there, in 2012, the first show in the country of the iconic American artist, this because it is the only place in Colombian territory where the artist has performed.

She posted a video on her official Instagram account showing when her plane lands at the Rionegro airport and makes a tour of the entire city of eternal spring, until images of the American rehearsing with the paisa singer are shown prior to his presentation at the Atanasio Girardot stadium.

The great artist made a collaboration with Maluma in the year 2019, titled as the city in which they were presented this weekend, ´Medellín´. They even took the song to the Bilborad Music Award that same year.

According to Universal Music, the record work was made up of 15 songs that celebrate the musical union and that fused Anglo-Saxon pop with Latin and tropical rhythms. And it had several languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese. In addition to Maluma, Madonna has also collaborated with singers like Anitta, Swae Lee and Quavo.

It is worth remembering that the famous friendship between both artists began after Maluma’s presentation at the MTV Video Music Awards, in 2018, and the news that they were preparing something came out a few months before it was officially released, when they posted photos together on their Instagram accounts. The expectation grew more and more, while the paisa was very excited about the recording.

In addition to the well-known song ´Medellín´, Madonna and Maluma shared a recording studio in two other songs such as ´Bitch, I´m crazy´ and ´Soltera´.

For its part, the concert was well-known around the world, as it received positive reviews and Maluma achieved his goal of “locate Medallo on the map”so much so, that the city was described as a place of peace, love, progress, culture.

Well, even great personalities such as Jimmy Fallon and JLo, who are not compatriots, applauded the event in which the singer went through genres such as pop, salsa, and the iconic reggaeton. In addition, he performed the song ´Acá entre nos´ by the late, but great exponent of the ranchera, Vicente Fernández; he was also on stage with Pipe Bueno.

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After a successful concert with Maluma, Madonna left Medellín