Adventures, concerts and museums: take advantage of discounts on tickets to Miami attractions

The mild sun and cooler temperatures are making you want to go out to enjoy parks and outdoor attractions in Miami, they are raising the spirit to put on high heels and a suit after so much sweatpants, and enjoy a concert or theater show.

The opportunity paints itself with the numerous discounts on tickets, tickets and rides at South Florida attractions, offered through the end of November as part of Miami Entertainment Months, a program of the Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau (GMCVB) that wants to reach tourists and local residents.

If you crossed the Atlantic or flew a few hours from Latin America, you did all the tests to show that you do not have Covid-19, you showed your vaccination certificate and you are already in Miami, I have news for you: this city is much more than clubs Although you shouldn’t miss out on them, there is dance and music for all tastes.

“Miami Entertainment Months is the celebration of the Miami entertainment scene. Many places have been closed for almost two years. We are asking the attractions to put up offers for tourists and residents to get out of this cave, “said Rolando Aedo, chief of operations for the Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau.

That stay in the cave had already been shaken by tourists from the rest of the country, who are those who were traveling to Miami. But now what The United States lifted travel restrictions for international tourism At borders and airports, Miami-Dade hopes to pick up the numbers of visitors that arrived before the pandemic: 17 million tourists with an economic impact of almost $ 25,000 million.

Part of the Visitors Bureau’s plan is to appeal to different types of consumers, such as the “Outdoor Activities Explorer”, the “Thrill Seeker” and the “Social Butterfly.”

For the Outdoor Explorer, there are county parks, city parks, and two national parks, the Everglades and Biscayne National Park. To explore discounts at each attraction, check the website and mention Miami Entertainment Months at the entrance, which began in October and runs through November.

A group of people tour the waters of Biscayne National Park in July as part of an action to protect the park. This national park is one of Miami’s natural attractions that can be visited at a discount in November during Miami Entertainment Months. AL DIAZ

Zoo Miami It is one of those attractions that is most enjoyed in these fall temperatures and is now offering a $ 3 discount on tickets for adults and children until November 30.

For those who like extreme sports and adventure movie-like excitement, there is Thriller Miami Speedboat Adventures, which offers rides on catamaran and boats on Biscayne Bay.

One of the favorite moments of the walk for visitors is to take a look at the mansions of Star Island, where some celebrities live in Miami. Until November 30, Thriller Miami Speedboat has a $ 5 discount on rides, leaving from Bayside MarketPlace.

For “the social butterfly”, the Faena Theater, at the Faena Hotel in Miami Beach, offers a 15 percent discount in tickets for the show TRYST- A Lovers’ Rendezvous, a mix of circus show, burlesque and musical magazine.

The Faena Theater, with red curtains and upholstery and chandeliers, follows the unique style of Hotel Faena. Its owner, the hotelier Argentine Alan Faena, hired director Baz Luhrmann (Red Mill!) and his wife, costume designer Catherine Martin, to give that theatrical character that the decoration of the hotel, built in the 1940s, has and is always chosen by Condé Nast Traveler travelers among the best hotels in Miami.

Now is the opportunity to meet him at a more affordable price.

Miami entertainment specials and discounts

Here are some of the places you can save when you buy a ticket or a ride through November 30 in South Florida.

Coral Gables Museum: A gem located in an old restored fire station, the art museum of one of the most welcoming cities, of great architectural interest and with more options of restaurants offers a special: I bought one ticket and the second one is free. Here you can get the special.

Bass Musem en Miami Beach: offers a 15 percent discount on entry until November 22.

Actors’ Playhouse at the Miracle Theatre has a 10 percent discount on tickets for the play Middletown, from November 17.

Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts of Miami-Dade County ofrece un special for the Gipsy Kings concert on November 19.

The Ancient Spanish Monastery: Now you can visit one of the most magical places in Miami, the Spanish monastery in North Miami Beach, paying one ticket and get another free.

The small but exquisite 12th century monastery was originally built in Sacramenia, a town in Segovia, to house monks of the Cistercian order and dedicated to its founder, San Bernardo de Clairvaux. In 1925, the millionaire William Randolph Hearst – the one of Citizen Kane– bought the cloister and some buildings of the monastery and sent the stones in more than 11,000 wooden boxes, for New York.

Due to a bad stroke of luck, Hearst had to sell his collection due to financial problems and the boxes remained for 26 years in a warehouse in Brooklyn. The story continues, but it is best if you listen to it when visiting the monastery. The great challenge was how to put together that great puzzle of numbered stones and how the crazy dream of an eccentric billionaire came to Florida.

Florida Grand Opera offers a 5 percent discount on tickets to shows until November 20, to get it call (800) 741-1010 and mention the GMCVB special.

Frost School of Music at The University of MiamiLook for concert specials on November 14 and 16, a $ 5 discount on admission.

Miami-Dade County Auditorium offers discounts for various shows, including 15 percent savings on Operation Birdsong tickets”At OnStage Black Box Theater through November 14.

For more savings on hotel stays in Miami and Miami Beach, and discounts on shows, go to Miami Events and Festivals, Flamenco Ballet La Rosa, Coopertown Everglades Airboat Tour & Restaurant.

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Adventures, concerts and museums: take advantage of discounts on tickets to Miami attractions