Adele’s romantic proposal at the concert

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The bar of making a proposal as spectacular as possible has just risen to higher levels in the atmosphere. We have had different episodes, like A boy’s proposal to his girlfriend at the Jonas Brothers concert in Barcelona. We also remember that of Fedez to Chiara Ferragni at a concert of the rapper or, recently, the heart of rose petals on the beach with which Travis Barker asked Kourtney Kardashian if she wanted to marry him. But the one that happened at Adele’s last concert, now that he’s back with a new album after your rest time and his big change, has surpassed all.

On Sunday night, the singer offered a special recorded ‘show’, called ‘Adele One Night Only’, for CBS. What none of the onlookers knew, including celebrities like Dua Lipa or Lizzo who attended the event, is that I was going to help a fan propose to his partner of seven years.

At one point in the evening, he asked the public to shut up (after death notice) because the surprise was about to begin. The man brought his blindfolded girlfriend to the center of the stage and proposed to marry him. Of course we have video!

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This is definitely all we aspire to in love. Can you imagine the thoughts that had to go through that woman’s head ?! Some of the phrases he blurted out were “what are you doing?”, “Is this real?” And “I think I’m going to throw up.” He had reasons for it! Also, once she said yes, she sat in the front row – along with different ‘celebs’, of course – and Adele performed ‘Make You Feel My Love’. Well, we’ll keep doing ‘matches’ on Tinder, let’s see if we’re lucky …

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Adele’s romantic proposal at the concert