Adele talks in her interview with Oprah about what her weight loss has meant

    Adele is back and he has done it in style. With her new album, the singer who always she was suspicious of sharing her personal life, has impressed his followers with his amazing transformation, both physical and mental.

    As you already know, after her divorce with Simon Konecki in April 2019, the singer found her refuge in sports. Through the different routinesNot only did she manage to disconnect and dedicate time to herself, but they gave her strength to seek to be her best version. Being a totally beneficial practice for her, until it became one of her favorite hobbies.

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    On the occasion of the television special, ‘Adele: One Night Only, presented by the acclaimed and renowned journalist Oprah Winfrey. The singer shared, confessed and opened up like we’ve never seen her before. Thus, as if it were a conversation between friends, she showed the real Adele, she let her see most vulnerable facet while recounting some of his hardest moments in these years and how, little by little, he has recovered a certain mental stability.

    His beginnings in sports

    In fact, the singer of ‘Rolling on the Deepwho confessed to fooling around, establishing a stormy relationship with alcoholShe said that she began to realize that that cup was not helping her to rebuild everything that was crumbling inside her. That the pain of not seeing his son as he would like and that the failure he felt in relation to his marriage, was not going to be solved by filling the cup over and over again.

    One of his last public appearances, before great physical and mental transformation.

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    “Once I realized that I had to do a lot to help myself, I stopped drinking and started exercising, “he confessed to Oprah, while recounting that I was not looking to lose weight, just looking to be the best version of herself.

    During her interview, Adele confessed that thanks to the exercise she was able to control her anxiety, reporting the multiple benefits that this practice had given him.

    In addition, he wanted to reflect on the Media impact that you had received your weight loss; emphasizing that a body being thinner does not mean that it is healthier than another that is stronger. The number seen on the scale does not show the mental health of the person. Thus, the singer made it clear that she does not care what number the scale has, but only her own well-being and that if in a few months, she gains weight again, but she feels good … where is the problem? Along with this reflection, the singer repeated that she does not follow a restricted diet and that, occasionally, a is allowed cheat meal of fast food.

    Of course, it qualifies that a good and balanced diet It helps her to have more energy and, therefore, to feel better. In a healthy balance, as we always tell you, is the key.

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Adele talks in her interview with Oprah about what her weight loss has meant