Adele confirms her health problem at a concert

More and more faces speak openly about the health problems they suffer. Take advantage of his great speaker as a public figure to raise awareness and give visibility to issues of great importance. A step that has dared to take Adele at one of his concerts, opening his heart like never before.

the interpreter of easy on me He gave one of his usual concerts in Las Vegas. But, the public did not go unnoticed her little limp. “I have a very strong sciatica”, explained the artist about it. An ailment that she wanted to confess and that she surprised everyone by admitting with great humor.

It is important to note that sciatica It is the pain that arises when the nerve roots of the lower back become compressed, irritated or inflamed. A pain that usually arises from a herniated disc and that causes strong numbness or tingling, muscle weakness or poor reflexes.

It should be remembered that it is not the first time that the British singer has mentioned her health problems. In 2021, she surprised everyone by explaining that At the age of 15, she suffered a severe herniated disc and that after her son Angelo’s caesarean section, the problem worsened.

Despite everything, Adele she managed to culminate the concert with the light and talent that characterizes her. An overwhelming staging that plunged the venue into multiple applause for her and the entire team that accompanies her. A gesture with which the singer has shown to be very brave and sincere, earning the praise of the public for making her health problem visible.

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Adele confirms her health problem at a concert