Actress Verónica Castro returns to the big screen

Renowned Mexican actress and singer Verónica Castro stars in “When I’m Young,” an adaptation of the Korean film “Miss Granny.”

The film tells the story of 70-year-old Malena (character played by Verónica Castro), who experiences a second chance at life when she magically becomes her 22-year-old self. On this occasion, posing as María (Natasha Dupeyrón) to hide her true identity, she becomes the lead singer of her grandson’s band trying to recover the dream of singing, the dream she once had to resign.

Castro and Natasha Dupeyrón are joined in the cast by Michael Ronda, Eduardo Santamaría, Pierre Louis and Alejandra Barros with the special performance of Edgar Vivar and the special participation of Maribel Fernandez and Manuel “Flaco” Ibáñez.

The romantic comedy is directed by Raúl Martínez; and the script has been written by Juan Carlos Garzón and Angélica Gudiño.

“When I am young” is produced by 3Pas Studios, a company owned by Mexican actor, producer and comedian Eugenio Derbez.

The film opened in Mexico on September 15 and will be shown in theaters in the United States starting on September 23.

About Veronica Castro

Verónica Judith Sainz Castro, known as Verónica Castro, is probably one of the best-known faces on Latin American television.

He was born on October 19, 1952 in Mexico City. He began his career in the late 1960s and from the 1970s to the 1990s he participated in numerous telenovelas, including “Love has a woman’s face”, “The building opposite”, “Barata de primavera”. ”, “The rich also cry”, “The right to be born”, and “Small town, big hell”. She has worked in movies, plays and series such as “Emma” and “La Casa de las Flores”; and in hosting other television programs, among which “En familia con Chabelo” stands out.

After decades of being away from the world of entertainment, this new film marks the return of Verónica Castro to the screen. The production could also represent her goodbye to the entertainment industry, as she herself advanced in an interview. “This film is like a refresh for me, because I recorded it three years ago, and it may be the last one I make in my life,” she admitted to Faces Magazine.

Verónica is the mother of two children, Cristian and Michel. The former has inherited her passion for music from her mother; while the second has ventured into the world of cinema.

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Actress Verónica Castro returns to the big screen