Actress and singer Patricia Navidad is hospitalized for covid-19, after denying the existence of the virus – El Comercio

Mexican actress and singer Patricia Christmas, one of the main deniers of the existence of covid-19, it’s found hospitalized by complications of the coronavirus, according to the newspaper The universal, of Mexico.

The 48-year-old woman objected to the covid vaccines and to the use of masks and commented on his skepticism towards the new virus in published videos of social media, so much so that Twitter chose to close your account in this red social.

The Mexican media reported on August 12, 2021 that, apparently, the presenter was also infected with covid-19 in the recording studios of the program Masterchef Celebrity, where she is one of the participants of the contest along with other public figures.

Christmas assured that during his stay in the recordings of the program, she wore scarves to cover her nose and mouth, but not masks because they ruined the makeup, according to their statements collected by El Universal.

The actress, also a follower of the former president Donald Trump, believed that the coronavirus was a strategy to defeat the former US president in his run for reelection.

“What these vaccines really bring is nanotechnology to modify our ADN, to become hybrid humans where we are already going to have technology in our body, our organism. We will be being watched, controlled, without privacy, without Privacy; technology with which they can read our thoughts, kill from a distance. Investigate, analyze, “said the presenter in a video posted on her account. Instagram. The social network also closed that profile.

Christmas misconceptions about covid-19 they made him neglect his health, and disregard the recommendations on care to prevent contagion. The woman was hospitalized due to gravity of the condition since Tuesday, August 10, 2021 and also receives oxygen. The actress is currently “well, stable and being monitored as a precaution,” says El Universal.

Because the Mexican presenter and other colleagues from the television set tested positive for coronavirus, the recordings of Masterchef Celebrity they were suspended a couple of weeks ago and days before they were resumed.