ABBA: 10 facts you did not know about the Swedish quartet that announced their return

After 39 years away from the stage, the legendary musical group, ABBA, announced their return with ten new songs, in addition to premiering a hologram show called ‘‘. In the latter, we can see the musical band performing their most classic melodies.

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The Swedish pop band announced a new album and a virtual concert called ‘ABBA Voyage’ (‘ABBA’s journey’), which will be released in November, before a series of ‘revolutionary’ concerts in which Virtual avatars will play hits like ‘Mamma Mia’ and ‘Waterloo’.

The foursome, who is separated in 1982, detailed that they met to record a few musical themes, butOr they ended up creating a 10-song album and planning a show. At first it was just two songs and then we said: Well maybe we should do some more”, He stated Benny Andersson at a press conference.

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10 curious facts you did not know about ABBA

  • ABBA I was already registered in Sweden like a canned tuna brand, so they had to buy the brand to be able to register it as group name.
  • Before forming the musical group, the four components they came from the two most famous pop groups at the time. Agnetha already had half a dozen solo albums and had starred ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ like Mary Magdalene.
  • ABBA invoiced, at the time, more money for Sweden that the entire production of the automobile company Volvo.
  • Agnetha and Frida they were never really friends. It can be seen in a video in which Frida elbows Agnetha in full action when the latter is very affectionate with Benny, Frida’s husband at the time.
  • Frida was ‘product’ of a Nazi experiment to improve and expand the Aryan race: Heirich Himmler he devised the plan ‘Lebensborn‘, which forced Norwegians to have children with german nazis that occupied the areas in which they lived.
  • ABBA never allowed their music to be used in commercials and they have only authorized twice to sample their songs, once with the group Fugees and another with Madonna and her famous ‘Hung Up’.
  • The sound quality of the live group was impeccable, but they were not very prolific in that sense, because what they consider their best song, ‘The Winter takes it all’They never sang it live.
  • ABBA never officially separated, because each focused on their solo careers and making musicals, so they could not find an optimal time to re-record together.
  • Musical group I went on stage with costumes, because the clothes were made expressly for them.
  • Although their recordings seem simple, they were technically very sophisticated. For this they used the so-called ‘wall of sound’ as nobody knew how to make it profitable before, which consisted of make several different recordings of the same melodies and later edit them with thousandths of a second delay between them.

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It should be noted that, this Thursday, September 2, the swedish band launched the website , to ask fans to be register and participate in the new project.


ABBA returns 40 years later and fans celebrate


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