A week with the best flamenco art

Barcelona is a city ​​that has a weakness for flamenco. The best test is the Catalan rumba, one of the most playful contributions to the genre, but it is not the only one. High-quality performances of this style are frequently scheduled in the city and this week there are several options to enjoy it either in a specialized room as Tarantos or in a new festival that is born this year in Nou Barris, Flamenco Delirium 21, which will include concerts, workshops and conferences. Ole, ole y ole.

The mythical Tarantos, after almost a year of closure, has reopened its doors and, again, has a stable programming dedicated to the genre. Great news. Every day, until next Sunday, we can discover the art of the bailaor Costs El Chato in two sessions (7.30pm and 8.30pm) who, together with the dancer Marina González, the cantaor Joaquín The goblin and the guitarist José Santiago El Chote, will present City, word that means Barcelona in Caló. El Chato and his painting will go up to the tablao to explore his Catalan, Andalusian, payas and gypsy roots through a sensory recital, on the surface, through the most authentic flamenco combining different styles such as tangos, soleares or alegrías.

A transversal, inclusive and family festival

We now go to the Pati de la Seu del Districte de Nou Barris, where the Barcelona flamenco society The Golden and the district organize from tomorrow until Sunday Delirium, a transversal contest for all contemporary flamenco audiences. To begin with, this Thursday, the rising Catalan bailaora Aina Núñez (from the LaboratoriA group, A woman was the cause) Direct to an inclusive flamenco workshop (5pm) and a family flamenco workshop (6.30 pm). The objective of the first is to open this style to people with and without functional diversity so that they can get closer to it, while the second aims to offer a sample of this art to children so that they have a first contact with it.

On Friday it will start with an expert, the researcher José Luis Ortiz Nuevo, who has been director of the Seville and Malaga Biennials, who will teach a conference titled Flamenco, a modern popular art (19 hours), to explain the current situation of the genre. Both the two workshops and this talk are free (prior reservation required at the district website), they will have sign language and, for the conference, you can also request a subtitling service on the screen. And, already at night, the first concert, with Matías López El Matí (21 hours). It is one of the young flamenco voices with the greatest projection and future, a Catalan singer who lives in Seville and who, in 2019, won the Mining Lamp at the prestigious International Festival of Cante de las Minas. They will accompany you the Cadiz guitarist Óscar Lago, who has worked with artists such as Miguel Poveda or Rocío Molina, and the Murcian Javi Rabadán, specialist in classical percussion and flamencology, who has alternated this style with jazz and has collaborated with Antonio Canales or Farruquito, among others.

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Great concerts

On Saturday we will have two concerts. The first will take place at 9:00 p.m. and will feature a performance from Jerez. David Lagos, accompanied by his brother, Alfredo, which belongs to a generation of guitarists who have found a synthesis between classical sound and new harmonies. David Lagos is a cantaor who, at just 27 years old, won the Revelation award at the Seville Biennial, he also won the Mining Lamp in Las Minas and has collaborated with leading dance figures, such as Israel Galván. And, at 10:30 p.m., his countrywoman, Jerez-born bailaora Leonor Leal, together with percussionist Antonio Moreno de Utrera. She is all versatility, accepts challenges, adapts to all contexts and is constantly evolving as a creator.

On Sunday the end of the party will come with a concert by Jerez-born cantaor Jesús Méndez, who has a very unique voice and stands out for his extraordinary vocal gifts. The music will put her on Dani de Morón, a guitarist of the highest level, considered by many experts of this art as the most significant exponent among the guitarists of his generation. To complete the poster, the dance will be in charge of the Granada-born Patricia Guerrero, who has just turned 30 years old and has been dancing professionally for half his life, as evidenced by the fact that he won the Desplante award at the Festival de la Unión when he was only 17 years old. Let’s enjoy these days the best flamenco in our city … we will end up scoring a zapateado.


Tarantos Hall and Desvarío Festival.

Where? Tarantos (Plaza Reial, 17) and Desvarío (Pati de la Seu in the Nou Barris District).

When? until Sunday, 19, at different times.

Price: 17 (Tarantos) and 10 to 15 (Desvarío) euros.

More information: Desvarío Festival.

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