A virtual concert will be held within the metaverse in the Arab World called “Concert of the Future”

Concerts are unique experiences that should not be missed, being an important step for users of the metaverse. MetaBoundless has partnered with the Foundation Algorand to perform a recital on October 20, 2022 and thus coin NFT’s for each of the attendees of the event, serving as a digital ticket in the show. Metaboundless has also teamed up with the Apparel group, as the official merchandising partner for this first “concert of the future” in the Arab world. Fans can expect unique fashion from Web3 and NFT which will further boost the uniqueness of the event called: “Concert of the Future – A step into the metaverse”. Thus they informed Cointelegraph in Spanish through a statement.

It is a unique virtual concert, directed by Arabs and starring Ragheb Alama and Saad Lamjarred, being a first step for access the exciting world of Web3, the Metaverse, NFTS and DAO. legends and superstars music Arabic will come together in a dynamic series of virtual worlds to deliver a unique experience for fans. the virtual concert will premiere live for fans on October 20, 2022, starring Ragheb Alama, Saad Lamjarred and Michel Fadel, composing new songs and playing old hits. Tickets went on sale from September 15, 2022 and can be purchased online. However, these are not regular tickets, these they give NFT rewards through the Metaboundless portal. NFTs received as rewards will have unique benefits that will be revealed over time.

It is intended to simplify and use Web3 tools to create a bridge between superstars, content creators and influencers.

Shamir Ozery, Director of Web3 at the Algorand Foundation, commented: “We are excited to be part of the first concert within the metaverse in the Middle East! The avatars of the artists will not only serve as a commemorative sample of a user’s participation in this unique experience, but also to create a community among the attendees and demonstrate their usefulness, serving as a ticket for each guest to the virtual experience. It’s a great opportunity for music fans to experience first-hand some of the creative use cases of digital assets beyond cryptocurrencies.“.

Arabic music legend Ragheb Alama talks about his association with Metaboundless and this experience saying: “This is the first time that my avatar will be revealed to the virtual world. Fans around the world will see me in a new way and will be able to access memorabilia from this event as an NFT reward for purchasing tickets. Everything about this concert is unique, this is the way forward for concerts in the future, and I’m looking forward to keeping up with the future and popular trends.“.

Saad Lamjarred describes his participation in this concert quoting: “I have witnessed similar global experiences in terms of futuristic concerts, and I am sure that this concert will be something very unique for our dear fans. I’m excited for fans to see me and my unique digital avatar at the virtual concert“.

Music composer Michel Fadel stated: “The changes in the market and the music industry always demand that we keep up with new trends. I’m excited to partner with Metaboundless to bring these trends to a broader audience and help use some of these innovative tools to empower fans.”.

Dharmin Ved, CEO of 6thstreet.com, stated: “As 6thstreet.com, we are dedicated to setting trends for future generations. As a first experience with a celebrity-led Avatar and NFT concert, we want to create a similar experience for fans and ticket holders when it comes to merchandising, creating fashion items that will also be inspired by and linked to the web3 space and NFTs.“.

Metaboundless commented: “Our goal is to be able to connect celebrities with their fans using tools from the world of Web3. We’re also looking forward to partnering with Apparel Group, GCC Retail Conglomerate and 6thStreet.com to offer exciting merchandising options to bridge the real and virtual worlds for a community-driven experience. We believe that the world of media and entertainment will be transformed in the next decade, and Metaboundless aims to be at the forefront of this change. The company is currently in talks with other prominent artists to incorporate them as well.“.

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A virtual concert will be held within the metaverse in the Arab World called “Concert of the Future”