June 13, 2021

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A summer loaded with live music

1622444640 A summer loaded with live music

Rozalén, during his last concert in Córdoba.

Rozalén, during his last concert in Córdoba.

After more than a year of live sound drought and months of uncertainty, artists and bands in Córdoba they begin to meet again with the warmth of the public further than through a screen. The you to you has returned to halls and theaters, still separated by masks and seated, which will be quite an effort for some. Anyway, the city gradually recovers its musical agenda and in the The next two months will be the stop of some of the most important tours of national artists.

Bullring The Caliphs, from the hand of the promoter Grupo Mundo, will host four appointments between June and July that will begin with Rozalén on June 11. The singer has returned to the stage for introduce with his band The tree and the forest, its fourth album study, acclaimed by the public and critics. In this concert there will be no lack of songs like And i searched, one of the central themes of this latest album, as well as a review of all his greatest hits. The Albacete singer-songwriter begins the most desired tour of her life, as she has stated, and assures that “we have never prepared something with such enthusiasm», A joy that follows that of February, when he won the Goya for Best Original Song for Que no.

Pastora Soler began his new tour on May 9 at the Teatro Real in Madrid and your second stop will be in Córdobto the day June 12. The singer will show her energetic and overwhelming direct with a show full of colors in which, in addition to the themes of his latest album, Feel, which has barely been able to publicize live, will celebrate its 25 years in music giving away songs that cannot be missing from their repertoire. Thus, on stage he will go back to the song and a bit of everything he is as an artist. With a careful staging, the lights achieve a different climate for each song throughout the concert, which makes it «very exciting», The artist has indicated.

Pastora Soler arrives in Córdoba with the songs from her latest album, ‘Sentir’. CORDOVA

The next appointment in the Cordovan ring will be with Vanesa Martin plus, double. After toget tickets for his concert of 19th of June, a second date was enabled on 18. After a complicated 2020, the Malaga artist published her new album, Seven times yes, an album with which she put a little light on such a dark year, establishing herself as one of the most important artists in our country. Her fans made the dream of seeing her live again on May 7 and 8, when she began to sing those songs at the WiZink Center in Madrid, where she started one of the most demanded tours of the summer and in which the artist shows a double melodic and rock side.

Vanesa Martín in a file image. CORDOVA

Finally, the Mexican singer Carlos Rivera placeholder image the July 18 to the bullring of Córdoba with the tour War Tour, where he will display the themes of Guerra, a work that the singer dedicates to all those who love unconditionally, defend their dreams, overcome adversity, dare and resurface, and with which they generate a connection and a unique energy with their audience.

Carlos Rivera during a concert. EUROPE PRESS