July 4, 2021

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A reggaeton concert and several parties, focus of the outbreak with 500 affected

A reggaeton concert and several parties focus of the

A reggaeton concert in the Plaza de Toros de Palma and different parties on boats and in hotels have been the origin of the macro outbreak of coronavirus that affects more than half a thousand young people from various autonomous communities who have been on a study trip to the Beach from Palma and Llucmajor, in Mallorca.

Madrid, the Valencian Community, Murcia, Castilla-La Mancha, Galicia, the Basque Country and Aragon are the communities in which infections have been confirmed as a result of these trips, which at least in the case of Lugo has spread from students to some relatives.

The Balearic Government has reported this Friday that it has detected the outbreaks of the macro outbreak, which has led to the opening of a file, with a possible fine of 60,000 to 600,000 euros for a very serious offense, to the organization of the aforementioned reggaeton concert, which was It was closed on June 15 as the security measures decreed were not complied with.

Other spaces for dissemination were the parties held on boats on the coast of El Arenal de Llucmajor and in at least nine hotels that are being inspected and in which all employees have begun to be screened to control possible chains of contagion.

The Balearic Government will immediately urge the central Executive, competent in the matter, to take legal action against travel agencies on the Peninsula that have been able to organize or collaborate in the development of these activities that violate covid regulations.

Precisely, the Unicampus agency explained this Friday that there is no outbreak among its clients and that, according to its data, less than 1 percent of its travelers have been diagnosed positive in recent days. He has emphasized that he has no trip to Mallorca planned for next month, so his programs will not be modified or canceled.

For its part, the Valencian agency Travelers recognizes that there have been infections among its clients, although it does not know the number of affected, and insists that infections among end-of-year students are beyond its scope: “Each person is responsible for a little of what he has taken, “asserts a person in charge of the agency in statements to Efe.

The Community of Madrid would be the most affected by the outbreak of students who traveled to Mallorca, with 320 linked positive cases, while 2,000 students are in quarantine in the region for this reason. All are mild and the tests done so far suggest that they have the British variant.

The macro outbreak affects 67 people in the Valencian Community at the moment, all with mild symptoms, while in Murcia there are 20 young people infected and 164 people are controlled as close contacts.

In Galicia, the outbreak adds up to at least 50 cases and the Xunta works on screening young people who traveled to Mallorca. Most cases occur in Pontevedra, although there have also been infections in Lugo, Ourense and Vigo.

In the Lugo town of Sarria there are ten infected belonging to two institutes and two more among the families of these young people, as confirmed by the care director of Sergas in Lugo, Rafael Monte.

Until yesterday, Thursday, the Basque Country had 49 infections among the nearly 300 Gipuzkoan students who traveled to Mallorca, and which has caused the Basque Health Service to launch a massive screening. The Ministry of Health has refused to offer more information about these infections today.

At the same time, in Catalonia, an outbreak of coronavirus unleashed in a final-year trip of high school students from various institutes from Barcelona to Menorca is being investigated, which adds 24 positive cases, and which in principle has no relationship with the macro outbreak in Mallorca, according to the Health Department.

The situation caused by the outbreak among students has made several regional leaders speak out, such as the president of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, who has said that now “it is not advisable” to make end-of-year trips, since that segment of The population is not vaccinated yet and can infect people of other ages, and has insisted that they act with “great prudence” and maintain the great effort that young people have made in the pandemic.

From Potes (Cantabria), where they have coincided in an act of the Camino de Santiago, the presidents of Galicia, Asturias and Cantabria have agreed on the need for prudence at a time when the pandemic is ending.